TBR Thursday: Best Desk Planner Ever–Confessions of a Planner Nerd

First, one PIRATESHIP DOWN tour stop today. Thanks to Janie for letting me know that the Rafflecopter was not allowing multiple entries from individuals. NOW IT WILL, and you can enter once or twice a day by either Tweeting using the button on the Rafflecopter form, and/or typing in the name of the blog or website on which the Rafflecopter form appears. Thanks to Roxanne at Betwitching Book Tours for showing me how to make the multiple entries work!

And…there’s a spotlight stop (no new material) at Roxanne’s Realm today, so you can head over and enter again by using the Twitter and/or website name option (answer: Roxanne’s Realm).

Thanks to those of you who’ve read PIRATESHIP DOWN and left reviews on Amazon. If anyone has a chance to do so, please do–it makes a difference in how the site promotes books. The more reviews, the more promotions!

Anyway, what’s this about planners? I’m a planner geek. I have so many things to juggle–day job stuff, book deadlines, blog schedules, guest post schedules, etc.–that I have forever, it seems, been on the hunt for the Perfect Journal. Every year, I’d buy a new one…or two…or three, but couldn’t find one that worked for me. But I think I found it. I should add here that I am NOT affiliated with the maker of this journal, nor did I get a freebie to review. I stumbled across it while looking for something else, and decided to give it a try and it’s sheer awesomeness.

It’s the me & my BIG ideas PLNR-03 Create 365 The Happy Planner ” My Life” 18 Month PlannerΒ (yeah, goofy name). Of course you pick your cover and then they rope you in by getting you to buy cool inserts with post-its and notepads and to-do list sheets. But it’s fun. Below are some shots of my planner. What about you? Do you have a special planner or datebook you like to use? Leave a comment for a TBR Room mystery book giveaway!

Planner1 Planner2 Planner3

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16 thoughts on “TBR Thursday: Best Desk Planner Ever–Confessions of a Planner Nerd

  1. Sadly (or luckily?) my life isn’t nearly enough exciting for a planner, but I do have a system (sort of) where I will scatter notepad pages or post-its all over my desk to remind myself of certain dates or things I need to get done. Of course, half the time those notes mysteriously disappear, but I live by the rule that if I don’t remember doing something it probably wasn’t that important in the first place. πŸ˜‰

  2. I love your planner. I use to decorate and put a kinds of stuff in my planner when I was in high school. Now I just jots my notes on my iPhone calendar. It is definitely not as much fun.

  3. We have a whiteboard on the fridge for appointments and upcoming events. I also plan menus for the week on a pad. Not enough for a special book.

  4. Your planner seems really great … a little strange they didn’t make one for January 2016 to july 2017 though ^^ at this time of teh year it would be useful
    Right now i have so many thing on my mind and i’m so ; so tired that if i don’t mark what i need to do buy etc i will forget it so i’m using a lot of postit and sheet of paper as i don’t have a planner ( but i’m looking to see if i can find one that please me for 2016 so far those i saw were really not worth their price

    ( by the way i did LOVE the agenda you send me two years ago with little sticker about crafts etc i used it a lot ^^)

    for the rafflecopter, will be there some days without post so we can enter for the precedents stop?( because for those who don’t have twitter, if they are two stop we can only get teh entries for 1)

  5. I have a dry-erase weekly calendar on the top of the fridge and a monthly one on the bottom. I cannot live without my two dry-erase calendars. I also have a pad of paper with “To Do” and “Done” and love to put stuff on that list and check them off when I’ve done them.

  6. Just went to Wisconsin, picked up my Daughter-in-law. When my daughter gets here I’m taking them to Midway, girls week-end out. NOLA. Hope they bring me back a coffee cup….something with Lafitte on it…..

  7. I actually use my smartphone/computer to sync up my google calendar rather than a paper datebook to keep track of my appointments, because I always have my phone with me so it’s really easy to look things up (plus facebook has the export feature, so I can send facebook events to my google calendar!!!). But for work, I have a paper notebook that I use to keep track of my tasks. It’s nothing special though, since it’s what we have available to order through our Stores system.

  8. I don’t have a planner, but I do use a decorative calendar to keep track of important dates.

  9. I scribble all over my wall calender. It has large squares. Great for the whole family to access.

  10. My oldest daughter is the planner nerd. She has a particular brand she uses. She has everything color coded. I am always asking her about what’s going on so I probably need to use one too. πŸ™‚

  11. Nope. I keep track of bills in a notebook and appointments on my phones calendar :-/ I could use a organization makeover for sure.

  12. No planner, you clearly have a much busier schedule than I do. My family and I use a dry erase calendar on the refridgerator. Each of us uses a different color.

  13. In high school I used to use Barclays lesson planners to keep track of all my assignments/due dates. I loved it a lot – especially the flexibility to write in dates, etc. – but it’s full size and too cumbersome to carry around everywhere.

    Now I have a moleskine planner that does one week per page and a page for notes/to do lists on the facing page. I’m totally married to it and I would never make any appointments without it. (I try to use my phone calendar for appointments as well but something about physically writing it down works better for me…)