Weekly Winners, Last-Chance Giveaway, Penton Update

No scene-snippet today. I’m deep into plotting out Penton No. 5, ILLUMINATION, which might or might not be the final book in the series. My publisher elected to not continue the series after ALLEGIANCE, so I will gauge the desire of readers for it to continue by how well ILLUMINATION does. Fortunately, with indie publishing so widespread, authors can now complete discontinued series, and I get emails every week from readers asking about Penton, so no worries. I’m shooting for an April release for ILLUMINATION! Sign up to my newsletter in the tab above to keep up with progress.

Pirateship DownLAST CHANCE! Even though the print version of PIRATESHIP DOWN has been available for a few days, the ebook drops tomorrow, Nov. 2, so you can still enter the preorder $50 giftcard giveaway–even if you order the print version. The giveaway ends tonight, so use the links in the “Pre-order Giveaway” tab at the top of the page to enter. Please don’t “game” the system by buying the book, getting your receipt, and then returning the book. It hurts my future promotions with Amazon to have returns, and it’s not fair to the others who are entering fairly. There have been only five to do this so far, but it’s wrong, folks.

To all those who have preordered, THANK YOU. Remember to leave a review on Amazon when you’ve read the book–again, Amazon uses the number of reviews to decide which books get promoted, so they’re really important.

The PIRATESHIP DOWN blog tour starts tomorrow, with a new $50 giftcard giveaway (yep, you can enter both), so look for links here each day for the next couple of weeks.

So, okay, winners! I didn’t have a winner announcement last week, so I’m doubling up today. Please email me at the contact tab above with your mailing info or at suzannej3523@gmail.com. Copy and paste the notice below with your name so I’ll remember what you won. If it’s a TBR book, let me know if there are any genres you prefer NOT to receive. I can’t make any promises but will try.

SMEEK1956 won a book from my TBR monstrosity for commenting on her Halloween traditions.

JOLENE won a book from my TBR monstrosity for commenting on Nancy Gideon’s guest interview.

MIKI won this week’s Readers Choice contest and was trying to decide between RECOMBINANT and one of the books in the Haunted Vintage mystery series.

DAWN CAVENEE won a TBR mystery book by commenting on “favorite nut” day.

BARBED1951 won a TBR book for commenting on Mixed Media Wednesday (AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!)

JC LOH won last week’s Readers Choice contest and chose Envy of Angels.


And that’s it for today! Tune in tomorrow for a new Readers Choice giveaway!

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9 thoughts on “Weekly Winners, Last-Chance Giveaway, Penton Update

  1. Congrats to all the winners….can’t wait ’til tomorrow..hubby will be out of town so I will hibernate and read Pirateship Down! Also excited about Penton 5.

  2. Congrats to all the winners. [Hi, Miki] Looking forward to Pirateship Down blog tour. Always fun for me to see what others think of the book. Read the print version and gave it 5 stars. The novella Pirateship Down is now my favorite of Suzanne’s short stories.

  3. Thank you!!! i do hope amazon will give you an excellent note as it’s well deserved
    and a new Penton YES!!!, just a littel more patience

  4. Thanks so much for the Birthday Wishes and picking me as a winner! Hope you’re feeling better Suzanne. 😀 I will definitely post a review as soon as I read Pirateship Down, which should be soon.

  5. Love the League series by Sherilyn Kenyon sign me up for Gains story Born of Betrayal. Thanks