Scaling Mount TBR — TBR Tuesday

stacked books backgroundHappy TBR Tuesday–it’s one of two days a week (the other being Thursday) when I give away a mystery book from my TBR Suite.

Work is piling up for my two week holiday from the day job. Final proofs for WILD MAN’S CURSE came in yesterday and are due back January 4. I’m expecting revisions for BELLE CHASSE to arrive any day now and, if the past holds true, they will suddenly be an emergency. The second WILDS OF THE BAYOU book is due March 1, so I need to have a clean first draft by Feb. 1. **tears out hanks of hair**

But one thing is non-negotiable:ย I have an expedition planned. I will scale the rugged sheer faces of Mount TBR and plant my flag of victory at the top. That means going through the 200 or so books that are stashed in boxes in my front hallway (including a half-dozen I haven’t even opened the envelopes on), dividing the books into

1) Keepers (the smallest group);

2) Giveaways (things I think you guys might find interesting ); and

3) Throwaways (everything else). The same will then go to the 500-plus books in my home office, the 300-plus books in my bedroom, and the 100 or so piled around my day-job office. I plan to be brutal; there will bloodshed.

Will I actually throw away books? Nope. I’ll beย posting a “Free to Good Home” tab at the top of this page over the holidays–I’ll let you know when it’s up and when it’s updated. You can go to that tab and if you see anything you want.

So, to enter for today’s mystery book, tell me the genres you’re NOT interested in; this will help me decide which box the books will go in. Mostly, I have:

  • hard science fiction, which I define as space/high tech stories;
  • soft science fiction, which I define as dystopia, time-travel, steampunk, and alt history.
  • fantasy (high or epic, taking place in imaginary world)
  • urban fantasy and paranormal fantasy (high on plot, low on romance)
  • horror
  • paranormal romance (high on romance, low on plot)
  • odd-genres (contemporary romance, literary fiction, suspense, mysteries, historicals)
  • Young Adult (which may be any of the above genres but whose lead characters are ages 16-18….remember, Harry Potter would technically be YA, as would Hunger Games)

So, what do you NOT want to read? Those are the books that will go on the Free to Good Home page for a while, then if unclaimed will go to Goodwill. Comment for a chance of a mystery book that will not be in the category you dislike. LOL.


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Author of urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and suspense. As Suzanne Johnson, she is the author of the Sentinels of New Orleans urban fantasy series (Royal Street; River Road: Elysian Fields, Pirate's Alley, Belle Chasse, Frenchmen Street (March 2018). Writing as Susannah Sandlin, she is the author of the Penton Legacy series (Redemption; Absolution; Omega; Storm Force; Allegiance; ILLUMINATION); The Collectors series (Lovely, Dark, and Deep; Deadly, Calm, and Cold); and the Wilds of the Bayou series (Wild Man's Curse; Black Diamond).

30 thoughts on “Scaling Mount TBR — TBR Tuesday

  1. I’m not really into YA. I like mysteries so I might like some of the books in your odd genre pile.

  2. Odd-genres would be the category of least interest. Although right now I’m reading a mystery, “The Old Black Magic” by Mary Jane Clark. Bought it because it’s set in New Orleans. You know, Royal Street, French Quarter, Hoodoo Killer, Gris-Gris bar, voodoo, and beignets.

  3. I am not interested in horror, literary fiction and historicals (unless it is a historical romance).

  4. No horror for me. Also not keen on time travel or steam punk so I guess soft sci fi is out.

  5. lol I’m difficult I don’t read hard science fiction, fantasy but otherwise I’m quite open. Well in fact I can try these genres from time to time but that’s all.

  6. Odd genres (contemporary romance and literary fiction) are my least favorite. However, I do enjoy reading the other categories in this group.