Scene-Snippet Sunday and Weekly Winners

Happy early Christmas! I have to admit, I’m a bit of a Scrooge this year. No tree. No cards sent. I do have a wreath on the front door, but since I live across the street from the Griswolds, I figure that’s enough. Now, looking at this photo of holiday lights, it’s kind of pretty a magical. The neighboring Griswolds, however, have inflatables. A LOT of inflatables. Deep leaping from giant inflated trees. Penguins skating on inflated ponds.  Snooping atop a glowing red inflated doghouse. And on and on we go.

Anyway, I’m mostly taking a break from blogging between now and January 4 but for Sundays and Mondays. Today, since I’m finishing up the final proofing of WILD MAN’S CURSE, a snippet from there…Our hero, wildlife agent Gentry Broussard, a resident of Montegut, Louisiana, has just arrived home from a long, brutal day that started with the reappearance of a dead man and ended with the death of a man who’d been alive a few hours earlier. His nerves are shot, and he has some more tough work ahead of him talking to his partner Jena and his “friend” Ceelie Savoie….

Gentry’s heart sped up and pumped adrenaline through his system at the sight of a dark figure moving between the support beams beneath his raised house. Jamming his foot on the brake, he stopped the truck with a lurch behind Jena’s and Ceelie’s vehicles. He killed the engine and had boots on the ground in a split second, gun drawn.

“Stop!” he shouted. “On the ground! Now!”

The figure froze, and two muumuu-clad arms flew into the air. “Don’t you be shootin’ at me, Gentry Broussard. It’s Maxine!”

Awesome. Now he’d almost killed his elderly neighbor, Maxine Vallieres. That would’ve made his night complete.

“Maxine, what are you doing under my house?” Gentry holstered his gun and pulled his rifle and a bag of burgers from the truck. A dark blur sped across the yard at him before he could react, followed by a sharp pain that shot through his ankle like a knife blade.

An outburst of angry growls and tugs on his pants leg followed. “Hoss? Why are you outside? Stop biting me.”

The whole world had gone nuts.

“I’ve lost Moose.” Maxine wandered over, wringing hands covered in a half dozen sparkling rings. His neighbor was a self-admitted home-shopping-channel addict. Her pink-sequined housedress glinted in the lights from her front porch. “Can you help me find him? He’s afraid of the dark.”

Moose was part pit bull, part chicken. “Sure. When was the last time you saw him? Why is Hoss outside?”

“I don’t know.” Maxine burst into tears, which made Gentry feel even worse about ordering her to hit the ground. “And you have a houseful of women, Gentry. Are they supposed to be there? I told them you never had women at your house.”

“Yeah, I knew about the women.” Awesome. Now they’d know he had no social life.

This is really a pretty suspenseful book so it’s hard to pull out snippets that don’t reveal too much :-).

Now, I’m a little behind with mailings and won’t have a chance to do more until the first week of January, but I want to go ahead and announce them each week. So if you see your name here, please email me at the contact tab above or at Remember that TBR books are always print; Readers Choice books are your choice of print or digital….

BN100 won a TBR mystery book for commenting on Friday’s blog;

SUZANNE BOYD won a TBR book for commenting on TBR Tuesday;

JESS1 won this week’s Readers Choice giveaway and selected a digital copy of the first book in Julia Knight’s The Duelist Trilogy. Let me know if you need Kindle, Nook, or other.


And we’ll have a new Readers Choice up tomorrow!

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6 thoughts on “Scene-Snippet Sunday and Weekly Winners

  1. Thanks for the snippet. Always enjoy a little sneak peak at the new book. Wild Man’s Curse is going to be a fun read. Congrats to the book winners, great fun to win a book.

  2. Congrats to the winner

    i’m getting more and more impatient for this new book, after all the snippet it’s realle a great read already sio can’t wait so see the story in its entirety!
    No tree? that’s a little sad but i can understand i hope the gifts will give you a little of christmas magic though
    ( and really a house litke that yes it’s impressive but i would never do something like that i prefer simpler thing ( but numerous numerous gifts under teh tree!!!!)

  3. I have some Griwolds down the street from me. Lots and lots of inflatables. When we had a massive ice storm several years ago, his side of the street still had power, my side was blacked-out. He kept his Christmas display going all that time. I’m sure he thought he we adding cheer to our situation. Not really. It made me furious to see his lights when I had no power and an ice-cold house.
    Merry Christmas to you & yours. Enjoy your break!