TBR Tuesday: ‘Tis the Season for Vampire Shopping

And tis the season for meetings, apparently, since I’ve been in one most of the morning, armed with a 32-ounce thermal mug of coffee (half decaf, half full-strength) spiked with Pumpkin Space Coffee Mate. Yeah, I know, it’s all chemicals but it sure is good.

I have finally–only yesterday–admitted that the Christmas holidays are fast approaching, which means it’s gift time. Oh, the pressure! So for the next couple of weeks, I’ll offer you some of my favorite oddities I’ve come across in my online shopping searches.

Today’s VAMPIRE SHOPPING DAY! To win a TBR book, just leave a comment and tell me your favorite:


The Lost Boys Vampire Prosthetic that adheres to your face so tightly that it changes expressions when you do. Can that possibly be good for your skin?

blood lust

The Vampire Blood Lust gift pack. My Penton vampires always said their blood tasted good, but I’d never quite imagined it tasting like fruit punch. However, one never knows….


The Vampire Diaries Charm Bracelet. Okay, I’ll admit it: I have never watched a single episode of TVD. But if I did, I’d think this was pretty cool.


Half Writer, Half Vampire Mug. Actually there’s a whole line of these for all kind of professions. I think I’ll get one to take to staff meetings at the day job!


Vampire Contact Lens Kit. Because what’s better than red glowing eyes? I think I need this for day-job meetings, too. I’m seeing a trend here.


The Leather Coffin Sketchbook. For the artistic, sensitive vampire. Like me.

wine glasses

“Drink Me” Etched Wine Glasses. I won’t tell if you put a Bloody Mary in it. With extra pepper, please.

So…which one would be your preferred vampire gift? Comment to be entered to win a mystery book from the old TBR pile!

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23 thoughts on “TBR Tuesday: ‘Tis the Season for Vampire Shopping

  1. Call me old school but I’d prefer the mug (LOVE MUGS) or charm bracelet only cause I won’t touch the face mask and contact lens (pimples, infections, oh my) and I’d prefer my sketchbooks to be orthogonal haha

  2. The sketchbook is really nice but maybe an awkward shape to actually be functional? So I’ll go with the mug. Made me laugh.