Wednesday: All the News That Fits (and a TBR giveaway)

Christmas GiftsSo I’m trying this new thing, which I like in theory, but it keeps sticking in this crap about Donald Trump. I have nothing to say about the Donald publicly because my mama always told me if you can’t talk nice about somebody, don’t talk at all.

Anyway, I’ve been playing around with this thing and thought I’d share it here. It’s fun for me because it’s a shortcut to finding interesting stories on the web. You might or might not find it interesting. If you do, I think you can subscribe to it. It’s not anything about me or my books, although the blog will feed into it occasionally. Just odd things I find interesting.

In the meantime, for a TBR entry, share where you are in the process of your holiday gift shopping. I have started….barely. I know what I’m getting those family members with whom I exchange gifts (we don’t all exchange gifts anymore). Since we’re trying to save money to retire, my BFF and I decided to have lunch instead of doing gifts this year.

What about you? Do you have a tree up with gifts under it yet? Or are you a Christmas Eve shopper like my friend Dave, who every year about 5 p.m. on Christmas Eve, does all of his shopping in one fell swoop. I hate shopping too much for that!



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26 thoughts on “Wednesday: All the News That Fits (and a TBR giveaway)

  1. We don’t all exchange gifts and the kids in the family are all,old enough now that they like cash so I’m done with the little bit of shopping I had to do.

  2. Almost ready for Christmas. My daughter Sandy and I will finish the shopping next Sunday in Naperville, Illinois. Going to: Anderson’s Books, B&N, Marbles, and Twisted Olive. Seven more gifts to buy. Christmas this year will be in Wisconsin. Nine people, thirty-three gifts, all wrapped. The rest of the family gifts go out in the mail next week. Tree goes up on Friday.

  3. We already have our tree up and I actually wrapped some presents today. We don’t put the presents under the tree until Christmas morning, so the boys can be excited by all the presents. We still have lots of Christmas shopping to do though.

  4. We already have the tree up, but we haven’t started the Christmas shopping yet. Some of my kids wishes are impossible to fullfil. I’ll have to improvise a lot.

  5. I haven’t even started omgg haha but thankfully my family and friends aren’t much for gift exchanging, mainly getting together for a meal, so I’m not too worried.

  6. let see what need to be bought has been but for teh handmade gift i’m month behind so i will have to put the turbo

    teh tree isn’t up either but i hope it will be this week if no more incident happen making em stay all evening and part of teh night at teh emergency ( thankfulmly it was more fright than other thing and we are all at home in one pice)

  7. You guys are mostly doing better than me! I probably won’t put up a tree this year unless my resident Senior Adult guilts me into it. I didn’t put one up last year either. I haven’t put a wreath on the door yet, but I DID find it, which was an achievement. Most of my holdup right now is finding time when I’m not at the day job and yet the post office is open (since day job is 7:30 a.m.-5;30 p.m., that’s not an easy feat) so I can mail the gifts going out of town.

    I’ve seen some hilarious videos this year of cats climbing Christmas trees!

  8. For some reason I always wait til the last few days.. And yet every year I say “next year I’m going to be done early”! Why is that? I think cause the pressure makes me hurry and get it over with. I hate shopping

  9. I haven’t really decorated either much for a few years. No tree cause of the cat climbing the tree and loving to chew wires, but ribbons are his favorite things to eat. No more trips to the vet! Kids are grown but no grandkids so why go through the hastle? Bah!

  10. We’ll try to buy the tree this weekend and I did as for the gifts I have almost everything. *yay* but still need for 4 persons! soon!

  11. I got my presents last weekend at Sinterklaas, although I suspect there will be a few sneaky presents under the tree. We bought the tree yesterday, because here it’s tradition that you can’t have a Christmas tree before Sinterklaas which is on December 5.

  12. I’m almost done. I start shopping in the summer and do most of it online. The tree went up last weekend and the kids are old enough to do it themselves. I love to give presents, so I put a lot of thought into what gift I think someone would like.

    @ Roger- I love Anderson’s Book Store! I go to author signings several times a year at that store. Have fun!

    • I have books signed at Anderson’s from: Kim Harrison, Deborah Harkness, Marissa Meyer, Megan Miranda, and Kimberly Derting. I go to Twisted Olive for the Garlic EVOO, wonderful stuff. Marbles for Christmas game gifts, and B&N for Christmas gift cards.

  13. I have completed my Christmas shopping, but I have not yet finished decorating for the holiday.

  14. I shop all year round. I have a present cupboard where I store things. It’s so much fun that way. The tree is up & the gifts wrapped.

  15. I have not begun shopping as of yet but endeavor to not be among the few who are still shopping on Christmas Eve. The tree goes up about the week before Christmas because my husband’s family uses the Danish way of a very fresh tree decorated with lit candles.

  16. What we usually do in my family is that we buy gifts after Christmas, and open them on New Years Day. Weird, i know, but malls are so busy before Christmas!