New Releases January 16—January 22 and Readers Choice Contest

The month of January is breezing right along. For the next to the last full week of the month, we have twenty-four more new books for your reading pleasure.

What do you want to read this week? As always, leave a comment telling me the book you’d most like to win, and maybe will make your wishes come true. Your choice of print or digital unless otherwise stated. International? Of course! As long as Book Depository delivers to your country, please enter. If you’d prefer the first book in a series listed here, that’s okay, too.

sussmanBurn (Stray #2), by Elissa Sussman, (January 19, Greenwillow)
After helping to rescue Princess Aislynn, Elanor has finally rejoined the rebel camp she calls home. Stolen from her parents at a young age and forced into service by the Wicked Queen, Elanor now wants nothing more than to see the queen removed from power. But Elanor has secrets, mistakes she’s spent years trying to forget, and the closer the rebels get to the throne, the harder it is for Elanor to keep her past hidden away. With fellow rebels on her side, including Princess Aislynn, Thackery, and the handsome and mysterious Matthias, it is time for Elanor to make a decision. Will she protect her secrets? Or risk everything to save the people she loves?

sutcliffeConcentr8, by William Sutcliffe, (January 19, Bloomsbury USA Childrens)
In a not-so-distant future London, riots have become the norm. But when the government suddenly stops distributing Concentr8, a behavioral modification “miracle” drug akin to Ritalin, the city’s residents rise up fiercer than they ever have before. Amidst the chaos, five teens pick a man seemingly at random and chain him up as a hostage in a warehouse. Blaze is their leader, and Troy has always been his quiet sidekick, the only person he has ever trusted. But even Troy didn’t see this coming, and as their story unfolds over six tense days, one thing is clear, none of them will ever be the same again. (U.S. Release)

nuttallFalcone Strike (Angel in the Whirlwind #2), by Christopher G. Nuttall, (January 19, 47North)
Now a celebrated war hero, Captain Kat Falcone is back at the helm of HMS Lightning, and up against near-impossible odds. After an ill-timed outburst almost ends her career, Kat is handed command of a deep-strike mission into enemy space. The objective is to gather intelligence and distract the hostile Theocracy while the Commonwealth prepares its counteroffensive. The chances for success are slim, and for survival even slimmer. Armed with a fleet of outdated starships, a few loyal officers, and a skeleton crew of refugees, Kat knows the Royal Navy expects her to fail. Failure almost certainly means death, or worse, as the Theocracy does not treat prisoners kindly. Pitted against the defenses of her old nemesis Admiral Junayd, there is no room for error. With a spy hidden aboard her ship, Kat will need more than her wits to survive.

moningFeverborn (Fever #8), by Karen Marie Moning, (January 19, Delacorte Press)
When the immortal race of the Fae destroyed the ancient wall dividing the worlds of Man and Faery, the very fabric of the universe was damaged and now Earth is vanishing bit by bit. Only the long-lost Song of Making, a haunting, dangerous melody that is the source of all life itself, can save the planet. Those who seek the mythic Song, Mac, Barrons, Ryodan and Jada, must contend with old wounds and new enemies. The challenges are many: The Keltar at war with nine immortals who’ve secretly ruled Dublin for eons, Mac and Jada hunted by the masses, the Seelie queen nowhere to be found, and the most powerful Unseelie prince in all creation determined to rule both Fae and Man. The task of solving the ancient riddle of the Song of Making falls to a band of deadly warriors divided among, and within, themselves. Mac will come face to face with her most savage enemy yet: herself.

allanFuneral Games (Far Stars Trilogy #3), by Jay Allan, (January 19, Harper Voyager)
The Far Stars stands on the edge of a precipice. The forces of Governor Vos have surged forth, conquering worlds and imposing the emperor’s brutal rule over millions. Only one thing stands in the way of total victory: Marshal Augustin Lucerne’s newly created confederation. Vos has a simple plan: assassinate the marshal and manipulate his generals to fight over his legacy. Another threat lurks, Arkarin Blackhawk. The smuggler and mercenary has been the marshal’s ally, working in the shadows and unraveling Vos’s plans. Blackhawk’s past is a dark and dangerous one, and if he is put at the helm of the confederation armies, the brutal imperial general he once was may rise again. If Blackhawk survives, and can come to grips with the horror within him, he just might be able to save the Far Stars from the iron hand of the empire.

powersMedusa’s Web, by Tim Powers, (January 19, William Morrow)
In the wake of their Aunt Amity’s suicide, Scott and Madeline Madden are summoned to Caveat, the eerie, decaying mansion in the Hollywood hills in which they were raised. But their cousins, the malicious wheelchair-bound Claimayne and beautiful, bitter Ariel, do not welcome Scott and Madeline’s return to the childhood home they all shared. Caveat hides a dark family secret that stretches back to the golden days of Rudolph Valentino. A collection of hypnotic eight-limbed abstract images inked on paper allows the Maddens to briefly fragment and flatten time, to transport themselves into the past and future in visions that are puzzling and mesmerizing. As Madeline falls more completely under Caveat’s spell, Scott discovers that to protect her, he must use the dangerous spiders himself. Will he unravel the mystery of the Madden family’s history and finally free them from the past, or be pulled deeper into the deadly web?

brondosOn the Meldon Plain (The Fourline Trilogy #2), by Pam Brondos, (January 19, Skyscape)
Natalie Barns is falling apart. Since returning from Fourline, she’s tried desperately to focus on the world in front of her, the one of classes, money, and family. But the wound in Natalie’s shoulder from her final encounter with the Nala radiates pain constantly throughout her days, while her nights are tormented by terrifying dreams of the Nala, and of Soris, the rebel fighter she failed to protect. Seeking refuge from what plagues her, Natalie returns to the costume shop and discovers her wound is much more dangerous than she ever could have imagined. What she learns sets her on an inexorable path back to the kingdom of Fourline. If she’s to have a chance of survival, she must confront Soris’ fate and the fears that have been festering in her heart, or the Nala remnant will change her life forever.

tallermanPatchwerk, by David Tallerman, (January 19, (novella)
Fleeing the city of New York on the TransContinental atmospheric transport vehicle, Dran Florrian is traveling with Palimpsest, the ultimate proof of a lifetime of scientific theorizing. When a rogue organization attempts to steal the device, however, Dran takes drastic action. But his invention threatens to destroy the very fabric of this and all other possible universes, unless Dran, or someone very much like him, can shut down the machine and reverse the process.

burns metzSanctuary Bay, by Laura J. Burns and Melinda Metz, (January 19, St. Martin’s Griffin)
When Sarah Merson receives the opportunity of a lifetime to attend the most elite prep school in the country, Sanctuary Bay Academy, it seems almost too good to be true. After years of bouncing from foster home to foster home, escaping to its tranquil setting, nestled deep in Swans Island, couldn’t sound more appealing. Swiftly thrown into a world of privilege and secrets, Sarah quickly realizes finding herself noticed by class charmer, Nate, as well as her roommate’s dangerously attentive boyfriend, Ethan, are the least of her worries. When her roommate suddenly goes missing, she finds herself in a race against time, not only to find her, but to save herself and discover the dark truth behind Sanctuary Bay’s glossy reputation.

brownShade Me (Nikki Kill #1), by Jennifer Brown, (January 19, Katherine Tegen Books)
Nikki Kill does not see the world like everyone else. In her eyes, happiness is pink, sadness is a mixture of brown and green, and lies are gray. Thanks to a rare phenomenon called synesthesia, Nikki’s senses overlap, in a way that both comforts and overwhelms her. Nikki’s life is on the fast track to nowhere until the night a mysterious call lights her phone up bright orange, the color of emergencies. It’s the local hospital. They need Nikki to identify a Jane Doe who is barely hanging on to life after a horrible attack. The victim is Peyton Hollis, a popular girl from Nikki’s school who Nikki hardly knows. Nikki finds herself thrust into the dark, glittering world of the ultra-rich Hollis family, and drawn towards Peyton’s handsome older brother Dru. While Nikki’s colors seem to help her unravel the puzzle, what she can’t see is that she may be falling into a trap. The only truth she can be sure of is that death is a deep, pulsing crimson.

wallaceSmall Wars: A Tor.Com Original (A Sin du Jour Affair), by Matt Wallace, (January 19, Tor)
The Sin du Jour procurement team has been tasked with acquiring a substantial cache of rare Welsh gold for a rather important event, but when they stumble upon rivals factions of the smallest warriors they’ve ever encountered, they’ll need to bring out the big guns if they’re to survive. (ebook only)

macmillanSword and Verse, by Kathy MacMillan, (January 19, Harper Teen)
Raisa was just a child when she was sold to work as a slave in the kingdom of Qilara. Her father was teaching her to read and write, grooming her to take his place as a Learned One. In Qilara, the Arnathim, like Raisa, are the lowest class, and literacy is a capital offense. Only the king, prince, tutor, and tutor-in-training are allowed to learn the very highest order language, the language of the gods. When the tutor-in-training is executed for teaching slaves this sacred language, and Raisa is selected to replace her, Raisa knows any slipup on her part could mean death. The romance that’s been growing between her and Prince Mati isn’t helping matters. Raisa is approached by the Resistance, an underground army of slave rebels, to help liberate Arnath slaves. As Raisa struggles with what to do, she discovers a secret that the Qilarites have been hiding for centuries, one that, if uncovered, could bring the kingdom to its knees.

isbellThe Capture (The Prey #2), by Tom Isbell, (January 19, Harper Teen)
Every night it was the same: dreaming of those Less Thans shackled in the bunker beneath the tennis court. It was why we had to get back to Camp Liberty. Why we had to free those Less Thans. Book, Hope, and Cat cannot live with themselves, they cannot settle into a new free life knowing the rest of their fellow Less Thans and Sisters are still imprisoned. The teens must retrace their steps to save the others, destroy the compound, and thwart the evil plans of the Republic. With new enemies lurking, deranged Crazies and ominous Skull People among them, the group must put their fate in the hands of unexpected allies, including the woman with the long black hair and Miranda, the daughter of the Skull People’s Chief Justice, who is drawn to Book. The teens they must ask themselves what they’re willing to do to free their friends, for the path back is filled with even more danger as motives are questioned and relationships tested.

chiltonThe Goblin’s Puzzle: Being the Adventures of a Boy with No Name and Two Girls Called Alice, by Andrew S. Chilton, (January 19, Knopf BYR)
The Boy is a nameless slave on a mission to uncover his true destiny. The Goblin holds all the answers, but he’s too tricky to be trusted. Plain Alice is a bookish peasant girl carried off by a confused dragon. And Princess Alice is the lucky girl who wasn’t kidnapped. All four are tangled up in a sinister plot to take over the kingdom, and together they must face kind monsters, a cruel magician, and dozens of deathly boring palace bureaucrats. They’re a ragtag bunch, but with strength, courage, and plenty of deductive reasoning, they just might outwit the villains and crack the goblin’s puzzle.

frankelThe Isle (The Ward #2), by Jordana Frankel, (January 19, Katherine Tegen Books)
The Ward is in trouble, its streets filled with seawater after a devastating flood and its impoverished inhabitants suffering from a deadly disease called the Blight. Ren has discovered a cure, miraculous spring water, administering it to her sick sister, Aven. When Aven is kidnapped by Governor Voss, the malevolent dictator of the United Metro Isles (UMI), Ren must go on a dangerous mission to save her sister, again. The mysterious healing water is the only source of freshwater throughout the entire UMI. An ancient order, the Tètai, has been guarding the magical water for hundreds of years. They will kill to protect it. With the Ward in desperate need of freshwater and wracked by disease, and deadly enemies at every turn, the sisters face a dangerous journey, marred by secrets and horrifying truths, to save their friends and neighbors.

akersThe Pagan Night (The Long Winter #1), by Tim Akers, (January 19, Titan)
The Celestial Church has all but eliminated the old pagan ways, ruling the people with an iron hand. Demonic gheists terrorize the land, hunted by the warriors of the Inquisition, yet it’s the battling factions within the Church and age-old hatreds between north and south that tear the land apart. Malcolm Blakley, hero of the Reaver War, seeks to end the conflict between men, yet it will fall to his son, Ian, and the huntress Gwen Adair to stop the killing before it tears the land apart. The Pagan Night is an epic of mad gods, inquisitor priests, holy knights bound to hunt and kill, and noble houses fighting battles of politics, prejudice, and power.

catmullThe Radiant Road, by Katherine Catmull, (January 19, Dutton BYR)
After years of living in America, Clare Macleod and her father are returning to Ireland, where they’ll inhabit the house Clare was born in, a house built into a green hillside with a tree for a wall. For Clare, the house is not only full of memories of her mother, but also of a mysterious boy with raven-dark hair and dreamlike nights filled with stars and magic. Clare soon discovers that the boy is as real as the fairy-making magic, and that they’re both in great danger from an ancient foe.

koboldtThe Rogue Retrieval, by Dan Koboldt, (January 19, Harper Voyager Impulse)
Sleight of hand, in another land. Stage magician Quinn Bradley has one dream: to headline his own show on the Vegas Strip. And with talent scouts in the audience wowed by his latest performance, he knows he’s about to make the big-time. What he doesn’t expect is an offer to go on a quest to a place where magic is all too real. That’s how he finds himself in Alissia, a world connected to ours by a secret portal owned by a powerful corporation. He’s after an employee who has gone rogue, and that’s the least of his problems. Alissia has true magicians, and the penalty for impersonating one is death. In a world where even a twelve-year-old could beat Quinn in a swordfight, it’s only a matter of time until the tricks up his sleeves run out. (ebook only)

tassiThe Sons of Sora (The Earthborn Trilogy #3), by Paul Tassi, (January 19, Talos)
Noah, an orphan from Earth’s last days is now nearly a man and a leader to the young enclave of Earthborn who reside on Sora. When the tranquility of their settlement is shattered by an assassination attempt, Noah turns to his younger brother Erik, Lucas and Asha’s only child by blood, for aid. Their journey takes them to the remnants of a dead planet, an outlaw-infested space station, and back to Sora, whose inhabitants are bracing for a showdown with the Xalans. They find themselves facing a new evil: the omnipotent Archon, who is controlling the whole of the Xalan horde, and his bloodthirsty lieutenant, the Black Corsair, who has a taste for brutality. The Archon, so-called God of the Shadows, has unearthed knowledge that could wipe both Sorans and humans from existence. The descendants of the Earthborn must uncover the true nature of the Archon and the Xalans before he burns everything they know and love to ashes.

cornwellWarriors of the Storm (The Last Kingdom (Saxon Tales) #9), by Bernard Cornwell, (January 19, Harper)
A fragile peace reigns in Wessex, Mercia and East Anglia. King Alfred’s son Edward and daughter, Aethelflaed, rule the kingdoms. All around the restless Northmen, eyeing the rich lands and wealthy churches, are mounting raids. Uhtred of Bebbanburg, the kingdoms’ greatest warrior, controls northern Mercia from the strongly fortified city of Chester. Forces are gathering against him. Northmen allied to the Irish, led by the warrior Ragnall Ivarson, are soon joined by the Northumbrians, and their strength could prove overwhelming. Both Edward and Aethelflaed are reluctant to move out of the safety of their fortifications. With Uhtred’s own daughter married to Ivarson’s brother, who can be trusted? In the struggle between family and loyalty, between personal ambition and political commitment, there will be no easy path. But a man with a warrior’s courage may be able to find it. Such a man is Uhtred, and this may be his finest hour.   (U.S. Release)

hutchinsonWe Are the Ants, by Shaun David Hutchinson, (January 19, Simon Pulse)
Henry Denton doesn’t know why the aliens chose to abduct him when he was thirteen, and he doesn’t know why they continue to steal him from his bed and take him aboard their ship. He doesn’t know why the world is going to end or why the aliens have offered him the opportunity to avert the impending disaster by pressing a big red button. They’ve only given him 144 days to make up his mind. Since the suicide of his boyfriend, Jesse, Henry has been adrift. He’s become estranged from his best friend, started hooking up with his sworn enemy. As far as Henry is concerned, a world without Jesse is a world he isn’t sure is worth saving. Until he meets Diego Vega, an artist with a secret past who forces Henry to question his beliefs, his place in the universe, and whether any of it really matters. Before Henry can save the world, he’s got to figure out how to save himself, and the aliens haven’t given him a button for that.

woodWeathering, by Lucy Wood, (January 19, Bloomsbury USA)
Pearl doesn’t know how she’s ended up in the river, the same messy, cacophonous river in the same rain-soaked valley she’d been stuck in for years. But here her spirit swirls and stays. Ada, Pearl’s daughter, doesn’t know how she’s ended up back in the house she left thirteen years ago.with no company apart from her own young daughter, Pepper. She wants to clear out Pearl’s house so she can leave and not look back. Pepper has grown used to following her restless mother from place to place, but this house is something new. Fascinated by the scattering of people she meets, by the river that unfurls through the valley, and by the strange old woman who sits on the bank with her feet in the cold water, Pepper doesn’t know why anyone would ever want to leave. Pepper and Ada find themselves entangled with the life of the valley and, each will discover the ways that places can take root inside us, bind us together, and become us. (U.S. Release)

waltersWill to Survive (The Rule of Three #3), by Eric Walters, (January 19, Farrar, Straus and Giroux BYR)
Adam has killed again. It had to be done, part of him knows that, but murder changes a person. It can certainly change a teenager who’s already grown up too quickly, too harshly, in the wake of the catastrophic global blackout five months ago. In the name of safety and survival, Adam and his neighbors have turned their middle American suburban neighborhood into a fortress, defending against countless enemies. But what’s lurking in the dark is a greater danger than ever before: somebody who wants to destroy the neighborhood and Adam at any cost. Soon, the hunted will have to become the hunter, and Adam hates himself for what he will have to do. Because sometimes even the dark is not cover enough for things that would never happen in the light.

nickleThe Caretakers: A Tor.Com Original, by David Nickle, (January 20, Tor)
A strange tale about a group of people called to a meeting with their intimidating boss. The newest member of their organization is not so sure she wants to even be there. (ebook only)

The small print: This contest is international to any place Book Depository ships. Contests end at midnight CDT U.S. on Saturday, and winners will be announced on Sunday’s blog. It’s the responsibility of the winner to contact me with their mailing info.

Now….go forth and tell me what you want to read!

43 thoughts on “New Releases January 16—January 22 and Readers Choice Contest

  1. Feverborn (Fever #8), by Karen Marie Moning, would be my choice today. Thanks for the chance.

  2. Both Sword and Verse by Kathy MacMillan and The Radiant Road by Katherine Catmull sounds good to me. Can’t decide. Thanks for the chance.

  3. Feverborn, please as I have started this series and am not caught up yet. I just ordered the book right before this one!

    I have also just pre-ordered Belle Chase. Wonderful to have a release date for it!!!

  4. If all the books coming out this week Ice/Reaux by Alexandra Ivy and Laura Wright is the book I most want to read.

  5. I’m a fan of Bernard Cornwell books, so Warriors of the Storm it has to be thank you.