Penton Scene-Snippet Sunday and Weekly Winners!

Eye on fireHappy Sunday!

It has been an interesting week, as I took the initial steps toward May 2017, my target date to becoming a full-time author. There are some things that have to happen for it to work—I can’t get sick, I have to really watching my spending so I can get by until I’m old enough to collect my retirement funds (see notes on TBR giveaway changes below), and my books need to start selling better. I don’t have a lot of control over the last one because I sure don’t have more hours in the day to write or focus on marketing while working a 60-hour-a-week day job, so I have to focus on the first two.

TBRs. Instead of individual TBR mystery books, I will be giving away TBR Boxes—a flat-rate Priority box stuffed with as many books as I can get in there. Win-win. I’ll save money, save time, and get more books out of here–and winners will get more books! For international TBR winners, you’ll get a Book Depository equivalent or an Amazon gift card in your currency since international mailing is cost-prohibitive. I don’t want to limit winners to U.S. only, so that’s my best solution.

How about a scene-snippet for the Penton fans? This is from the opening scene of book five, ILLUMINATION, where an unvaccinated woman in New Orleans, Shea, has just found out she was pregnant after a one-night stand that might not have been as accidental as she thought. The baby-daddy, Kevin, has shown up out of the blue and tried to inject her with something, but she evades him and runs…

She shoved him out of the way, heard his head or shoulder hit the edge of the toilet with a satisfying thud, and raced into the living room. Grabbing her purse and car keys off the coffee table, she jerked open the door to the hallway, and stopped.

            A man leaned against the wall opposite her doorway. Not a big man. Maybe five-ten, slender, with short blond hair and eyes that were a silvery blue. Eyes that almost glowed.

            Shea seemed unable to move away from the gaze of those eyes, even as he moved across the hallway toward her. “Sorry to have to make your acquaintance this way, Miss Underwood.”

            “Who are you?” As much as Shea tried to will herself to run past him, all she seemed capable of was standing still, waiting for him to reach her. When he did, and brushed her hair away from her face, she wanted nothing more than to please him. Whatever he desired, she would give him, and more.

            “You can call me Elliot,” he said, flicking a glance over her shoulder at the sound of Kevin making his way out of the bathroom.

            “Sir, I’m sorry.” Kevin sounded almost in tears, which pleased Shea. If he’d made Elliot unhappy, he deserved to be punished. She thought she’d been angry at him too, but couldn’t remember why.

            “Get to the car.” Elliot’s voice hardened. “I should’ve known better than to leave such an important task to a human.”

            Without Elliot’s gaze on her, Shea felt her tension level rising again, followed by its most faithful companion, fear. “What do you mean? Who are you people?”
She backed away, but froze at Elliot’s touch on her arm. The feeling of calm washed over her again when she looked at him. Even when he smiled at her and she caught a glimpse of something odd.

            “Are those fangs?” Her voice sounded as if it were coming from ten miles away. “Are they real?”
His smile was the last thing she remembered before the world swirled around her and went black.


Hm…wonder what that’s all about? Bet it’s something the Penton boys will have to fix. After all, Matthias might be gone but Frank Greisser is still out there, right?

Okay, next, did you win a book this week? Oh, make that did you win a box of books this week? If you’re a U.S. winner, I’ll need your snail-mail address; if you’re outside the U.S., just email me for further instructions. I’m at or via the contact tab at the top of the page.

BONNIE G won a box o’books for participating in the quality-control discussion this week.

GALENA won a box o’books for commenting on the Kerry Adrienne merfolk post—note that the Kindle giveaway is being handled by Kerry and winners will be notified by her.

JEN M won this week’s Reader’s Choice contest and picked The Brimstone Deception by Lisa Shearin. Let me know your preferred format and relevant contact info.

That’s it for today. Stay tuned for Reader’s Choice tomorrow!

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7 thoughts on “Penton Scene-Snippet Sunday and Weekly Winners!

  1. Oh boy, love the snippet, Illumination is going to be good. I have really enjoyed my retirement, starting year 13.

  2. Congrats to the winners! Excited about Penton 5. Love retirement…gives me lots of reading time.

  3. Am in the midst of training new employees in addition to normal responsibilities at work. The longer days are draining. Am impressed with your 60 hours a week and ability to write! That is an attention snagging snippet.

  4. Lovely snippet! I would have loved to win a whole box of books! How about I pay for the postage myself? I bet you have books in your TBR I would love to read 🙂