Scene-Snippet Sunday and Weekly Winners

Where has January gone? Why have I gotten nothing done?

In case you missed it, I have shut down the Susannah Sandlin personal Facebook page and created a Susannah Sandlin Author Page. This lets me be more proactive with the Susannah Page because I can now access it without logging out of FB as Suzanne and logging back in as Susannah, and vice-versa. If you haven’t had a chance to “like” the page, I hope you’ll take a few seconds to do so by clicking here. Remember to opt to “get notifications” if you want the posts to appear in your notifications stream.

I’m expecting edits next week on BELLE CHASSE and have seen the roughs of the cover, so it looks like the elusive Sentinels #5 is going to happen on November 8!

Some of you have accused me being a tease. Me? Really? Well, here’s a tease for you. These are the opening lines of the second Wilds of the Bayou novel, which currently has the engaging name of Bayou2. Since it has to be finished by March 1, I expect it will have a title soon!

Dave Grummond always thought that, at the time of his death–which would occur far in the future since he was only twenty-eight–he’d view a visual reel of his life. As a native of Terrebonne Parish, his long inner movie would unspool with images of friends, family, and even grandkids who shared his amber-brown eyes and unruly black hair.

            Instead, as sinew and muscle ripped from bone, his last conscious thought was of Arnold Schwarzenegger.


War machine with red eyesWhat happened to poor old Dave? Gotta wait until this fall to find out 🙂

Now, did you win a book this week? If so, please email me at with your mailing info and format preference if applicable. Winners of TBR giveaways may choose a book from the incomplete TBR Junction list at the top of the page, opt for one of my books either under the Suzanne or Susannah name (except Wild Man’s Curse since it isn’t out yet), or let me choose a book from the thousand or so that haven’t yet gotten typed into the TBR Junction page. Since I am again “assistant-less,” that means I’m behind with mailings again, so be patient.

MICHELLE STUTLER won a TBR book (see options in the last paragraph) for commenting on character deaths in Thursday’s ‘CRACK FOR THE NERDS’ post.

TARA P and SUZANNE BOYD have won the hot-off-the-press first ARCs of my upcoming novel WILD MAN’S CURSE! These are print copies, so make sure I have a physical mailing address or PO Box. Hope you like it!! I’m at the “biting my nails what if they hate it” stage.

SANDY G won a TBR book (see options above) for commenting on TBR Trivia Day.

NATALIE BOOKLOVERSLIFE won this week’s Reader’s Choice giveaway this week and chose THE ISLE by Jordana Frankel.

Stop by tomorrow to enter for a new Readers Choice giveaway; this will be the last one former assistant Stephen did, so after tomorrow I’ll be taking over Reader’s Choice posts again and might try something different. We’ll see….



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