Scene-Snippet Sunday, Weekly Winners, and Emotions

What a week of ups and downs!

Down: lost my newsletter, so I ran a short version here on the blog. You can enter for one of the special Mardi Gras giveaways until February first by clicking here and leaving your choice of prize.

Down: lost David Bowie.

Down: lost Alan Rickman.

Down: lost all the files for my second Wilds of the Bayou novel. Panic at the Disco!

Up: Lovely tributes here, there, and everywhere.

Down: Email from boss at 6:45 a.m. on Saturday morning over something most definitely not urgent.

Up: Found the lost novel, which is now  backed up everywhere known to God and humankind.

Up: BELLE CHASSE finally has a release date of Nov. 8 and a preorder link (don’t worry, you’ll only be charged the final Amazon price if you buy it there–it’ll come down). And I saw the very  cool rough cover mockups this week.

Speaking of covers, I’m expecting the cover for WILD MAN’S CURSE to be popping up any day now.

Whew. That calls for a scene-snippet! In this scene from BELLE CHASSE, DJ and Rand have been engaged in a conversation about Eugenie’s whereabouts. DJ doesn’t know–there’s been an attack on Jean’s house by vampire hitmen–but she isn’t about to admit that to Rand.

            “I’ll just stay here until she comes back from wherever you’re hiding her.” Rand leaned back in the chair, crossed his arms, and assumed the petulant I am Elf look that annoyed the hell out of me. “I can outlast all of you.”

            Freaking elf. “No you can’t. Jean Lafitte can outlast you. He’s immortal and you aren’t. This is his home. One of the vampires that he thinks you brought here—never mind that you didn’t, he thinks you did—murdered his brother.” I gave him a smile as cold as Christof’s. “Go ahead and sit here in his study, relax in his favorite chair, and act imperious. He will kill you.”

            Which might kill me. I really needed to find out what would happen to me if Rand went to the elven version of the Rainbow Bridge, which would help me decide how hard I needed to work to protect him.

            I could tell by Rand’s pout that my point had been well made. “Fine. I’ll leave. But I expect to hear from you within twenty-four hours with a firm time for me to see Eugenie. Not a second more.”

            We both got up and walked toward the door to the entry hall where, if history repeated itself, a nosy pirate would be eavesdropping. “Or what—you’ll send in a squad of goblin hitmen this time?” Goblins would be cheap; they’d work for bourbon.

            “I won’t have to. I’ll just pay a visit to the shifters’ new Interspecies Council representative. Didn’t take Alex long to blow you off and suck up to Zrakovi for a political appointment, did it? And I hear he has a new girlfriend.”

Wha? Sounds like while the kitty DJ is away, the mouse-man Alex might be at play…

Now, did you win a book this week? Please note that I didn’t receive emails from last week’s TBR winners, so please email again if you sent one because I need to know which prize option you want (Timitra!). Rather than using the contact button on the website, if you win click here to email me directly at  The forwarded email is proving unreliable.

LORRIE won this week’s TBR giveaway for the plotter-pantser discussion. Lorrie, you can choose one of the books from the TBR Junction above or one of my books or just let me pick one of the random thousand or so books I don’t have up on the page yet.

FAITH won this week’s Readers Choice giveaway and picked THE CENSUS-TAKER. Please let me known if you prefer print or digital.

And I’ll leave you with the second-line parade through the French Quarter held this week in honor of David Bowie. In New Orleans, second-line parades often follow traditional jazz funeral processions. And that’s why I’ll always love NOLA.

9 thoughts on “Scene-Snippet Sunday, Weekly Winners, and Emotions

  1. Thank goodness you found your second Wild book! Loved the snippet, but I don’t believe Alex is really has a new girlfriend. I’m sure there is some sneaky reason that Rand doesn’t know about. Can’t wait for Belle Chase!

    • And where did I find the missing book, you might ask? In the trash can of my desktop. See, it never pays to clean things up. Thankfully, I hadn’t emptied the trash. And Rand really knows the buttons to push, truth or not 🙂

  2. “Goblins would be cheap; they’d work for bourbon” Now that made me laugh out loud. Love this snippet. Glad the second book was found.

  3. i do think i will get paranoid about backing everything as well, when i’ve read you lost it ( the seceond novel) i nearly had a panic attack thankfully you found it quickly