TBR Thursday, Newsletter and Mardi Gras Edition

So, tomorrow is normally the day my monthly newsletter goes out. It’s due by the 10th of the month in order to deploy on time and yet…we won’t have one this month. My computer ate it. I wrote it. I edited it. I went to lunch. I came back and it was gone. I’m blaming Bill Gates since it was a Microsoft Word doc. So if you haven’t subscribed, you can do so above and, in the meantime, here’s your January reconstructed newsletter…


  • BELLE CHASSE is being worked on by my editor and I should be back in edits by the first of March. And….I got to see the roughs of the cover and it’s going to be fab. There might be a dragon. I will say no more. And…get ready…..there is a RELEASE DATE: November 8. And it’s up for preorder already. Sorry about the price, guys; I have no control over that whatsoever, but it WILL drop before it’s released, probably to about $20, so any preorders now will automatically have their prices adjusted.
  • PENTON 5, tentatively titled ILLUMINATION, is absolutely positively going to be out this year, or that’s the plan. I’m shooting for late July so it’ll be ready before Authors After Dark in Savannah in early August. The Penton boys really want to go to Savannah, although Aidan has to drive. He’s the only one I trust–it sure won’t be Cage. (Inside joke if you’ve read ALLEGIANCE.)
  • The next thing coming from me, in Susannah Sandlin guise, is WILD MAN’S CURSE, which will be released on April 5. I know a lot of you folks are my paranormal readers but I hope you’ll give this suspense series a try. I love this book, and besides, it has swamps and voodoo and mysticism, so it’s almost paranormal, right? It’s the first in the WILDS OF THE BAYOU series, and I’m currently hard at work on book two in the series, which currently has the excitingly sexy title of BAYOU 2. Stay tuned any day now for a cover reveal; I’m just waiting on the final.


Each newsletter has a unique giveaway, so I’ll offer it to everyone this time, although with a TBR book. Since the February 15 newsletter falls after Mardi Gras, you have three choices of prizes to enter for:

The Mardi Gras Pet Collar


The Mardi Gras Charm Bracelet


A Pair of Mardi Gras Wine Glasses


All you have to do to enter is leave a comment saying which one you prefer!

And that’s what a newsletter usually looks like :-).

25 thoughts on “TBR Thursday, Newsletter and Mardi Gras Edition

  1. Hey, your computer just figured if you can go to lunch he can grab a bite as well. That said, the bracelet is super cute!

  2. Suzzane, Did you search on the computer for documents by date modified? Normally Word makes a backup every so many minutes. You might get lucky and find a temp copy of your work.

    • I did, Sandy–thanks! Usually, that’s where I can find my computer flubs when I’ve accidentally saved it to the wrong folder. But the document didn’t even show up–it’s like it never existed. Bill Gates, I tell you. 🙂

  3. Pre-ordered Belle Chasse today, boy that feels good. Have had Wild Man’s Curse pre-ordered. The wine classes would be my choice, thanks for the chance.

  4. ^^ the bracelet is cute then seeing my cat with such a collar could be great too ( or make teh dog jalous^^ so i guess teh bracelet is safer)

    • i forgot to tell you that i was definitively looking forward wild man’ curse, with teh little snippet you made it sound more than great so knowing when to expect it it for sure now it’s a very good news

  5. Hi Suzanne! I’m sorry about your newsletter!! Darn those hungry computers!! Well, I just have to have those awesome wine glasses (does th wine come with it? **LOL**) We always have a Mardi Gras party, so they will fit in nicely. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!

  6. Finally a release date for Belle Chase-yay! Looking forward to Wild Man’s Curese too. The charm bracelet is very nice.

  7. The Mardi Gras Charm Bracelet is soooo beautiful. Sorry to hear about your newsletter, but the reconstructed newsletter is really good 🙂

  8. My computer eats things all the time. It’s horrible.

    I’ll put my name down for The Mardi Gras Charm Bracelet thank you.

  9. thanks for the comments, everyone! (and keep on commenting; the giveaway winner won’t be drawn until Feb.1). Sorry I disappeared on you guys today–day job overtook me and then I was traumatized by my first-ever meeting with a financial planner to talk about what I’d need to do to leave the day job in about 15 months and write full-time. More books! More writing! Less drama! All good.

  10. In a unique twist, my internet just failed and my comment disappeared into the ether. I have been watching my son’s reactions to documents being eaten by his computer. There was particularly creative invective regarding college applications. Enjoyed reading your reconstructed newsletter. All three options for the giveaway look like fun. Please toss my name into the hat for the wine glasses, they would likely get the most usage at my house.

  11. Sorry about your newsletter — the computer gremlins must have been hungry! I would love to win the Mardi Gras wine glasses.

  12. I hate it when the computer eats my stuff! But the good news was told anyway, looking forward to reading your new books Suzanne!

  13. I like the pet collar…for a future dog we hope to adopt this summer. After we put a fence in. 😉