Scene-Snippet Sunday and Weekly Winners

Happy Sunday! You might (or might not) have noticed that I kind of disappeared a couple of days last week. I try not to do that but, hey, the day job’s out of control, a new book is due by mid-March, and revisions on another book is due in a week. Ohhhhh, and you know what that means, right? BELLE CHASSE is back in play.

So let’s have a snippet, shall we?

In this scene, DJ receives a couple of notes in her hideout in Barataria.

“Jolie, you might want to read these. I saw they were written to you so did not continue to read.” Jean handed me the papers Dominique had brought.

            The first one I opened was short, and typed:

Ms. Jaco:

My disappointment in you continues unabated, as I have been made aware that, no doubt at your selfish insistence and the use of your feminine wiles, Alexander Warin has betrayed the trust of myself and the Interspecies Council. He will be tried for treason at noon on December 27 and, if found guilty by majority vote, will face immediate execution. 

—Wm Zrakovi, First Elder

             My guilt swelled on instinct, but anger rapidly replaced it as I handed the note to Jean. Feminine wiles, my ass.

            I unfolded the second sheet of paper, this one hand-written and scribbled hastily, judging by the uneven lines and messy scrawl. This note, from my Uncle Lennox, scared me more.


I’ve been trying to clear Alex, but Zrakovi has constructed an airtight case. Z will try to use the threat of his execution to trap you, but I don’t believe it is a bluff, nor does Alex. I talked to Alex this morning and we both agree—you must stay away from New Orleans. Alex might be beyond your ability to save,


Ruh-roh. Well, this can’t lead to anything good.

Stay tuned….

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6 thoughts on “Scene-Snippet Sunday and Weekly Winners

  1. Yikes! Alex looks to be in a very difficult situation. I don’t think DJ has feminine wiles to use. Thanks for the snippet!

    • LOL. I think DJ used to wish she could develop feminine wiles, but by now she’s given it up as a lost cause. She doesn’t need any more male attention anyway, I’d say!

  2. Awesome post Suzanne 😀 Love the teaser; love them every sunday, though I’m not the best at commenting about it, lol 🙂 OH MY GOSH! I WON 😀 EEEEE! Thank you so so much. <3 Yeah, I'm from Norway 🙂 Emailing you in a little bit. <3 All the hugs.