Wednesday Warbling: The Making of a Playlist

Authors have different ways in which they use music in their writing. I can’t write fiction to music because I listen to the lyrics and it distracts me. It’s not nearly as distracting as people, however, which is why I virtually LIVE under my earbuds at work. To get past the distraction of lyrics, I listen to French Canadian music. I really like the Quebecois accent and don’t understand enough of it for it to distract me unless I concentrate on it. Win-win.

I find as I work on developing characters, however, and in plotting a book that music will often be helpful. I tend to latch onto snippets of lyric that seem to fit the character I’m writing to a chilling tee.

For the past eight months, I’ve pretty much been living with the Wilds of the Bayou series characters, first Gentry and Celestine of WILD MAN’S CURSE and now Cole and Jena of BAYOU2 (I really must find the poor book a name). So I find the two books sharing a playlist, to some degree.

So today, I’d like you to “meet” the Wilds of the Bayou characters through their songs.

In WILD MAN’S CURSE, here is Celestine’s song, which I think I’ve shared before: “Heart of My Own” by Basia Bulat.



And here is Gentry’s: Bring It On, by Slaid Cleaves. Gentry wants to fight back against a ghost, and that’s not an easy job.



In BAYOU2, I went back to Basia Bulat for Jena’s song, “Tall Tall Shadow”:



And my most damaged hero, Cole, gets the Blind Boys of Alabama, “Give a  Man a Home.” I’ve loved this song for years, but when I listened to it in light of Cole’s story, it  gave me a chill.



Have you ever worn thin?
Have you never known where to begin?
Have you ever lost your belief,
Watching your faith turn to grief?


Yeah, Cole has some issues to work through.

5 thoughts on “Wednesday Warbling: The Making of a Playlist

  1. thanks for sharing with us, i can’t read while listening to music because i tend to want to listen ( or translate) at the same time^^

  2. Thanks for sharing your songs. I can’t listen to music and type because I start typing the lyrics. I only listen to instrumental music if I’m reading because I find the lyrics distracting. I wish I could wear buds at work sometimes!