Wildcard Wednesday TBR #Giveaway: Welcome to my World

The day job is so out of control right now, I thought I’d share some exciting photos.

king cake

Here’s yesterday’s leftover Mardi Gras King Cake. It was so rich and yummy that I looked at it, said, “Oh no, not again,” and threw it away. Yes, that’s bavarian cream and cream cheese inside. OMG.


My daily planner for the week has come to this.

page breakdown

Ah, here’s a fun one. This is what a magazine page breakdown looks like. I “x” through a page where I’ve turned in the copy and circle the ones still left to do. Then it all has to be designed and proofed two or three times, 68 pages of it. By me. Before Tuesday. *bangs head on desk*


A common sight. Ginormous computer screen that is actually taller than my head when I’m sitting in my chair. Ginormous cup of coffee. Ginormous bottle of Advil. Ginormous pile of cords. And what’s on my screen? My blog, of course. LOL. Just off screen is a jar of peanut butter and a plastic spoon, which is all the lunch I have time for today. i thought it too pathetic to photograph.

Nah, I changed my mind. Note I haven’t eaten that much today–it’s in my desk drawer for “no time to go to lunch” days, of which there are way too many šŸ™‚


Sigh. There are fun things in my office. I’ll introduce them later.

In the meantime, which of these is the most depressing? Leave a comment to be entered for a Priority Mail box o’books from my TBR mountain. (We’ll work out an equivalency if you’re international.)


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71 thoughts on “Wildcard Wednesday TBR #Giveaway: Welcome to my World

  1. Needing lots of Advil sounds very depressing. It’s a bad work day imo when you need medication to get through it.
    And I needed it myself today as well, I’ll confess.

    • Well, to be fair to the day job (which I hate to do), the Advil is actually for arthritis, which isn’t helped much by sitting and working at a computer for 12-14 hours a day, seven days a week. Advil is my constant companion, unfortunately.

  2. I think the off screen peanut butter with a plastic spoon is the most depressing. I at least put mine on Ritz crackers…..LOL. I would replace the ginormous cup of coffee with a ginormous chai latte, spicy, with a shot of raspberry, super-sized.

    • Love the latte idea…maybe with some rum. The day has gradually degenerated so that now the graphic designer and I are discussing whether the rocket on our cover looks like a phallic symbol, and I want to change the headline to “Nuclear Erector.” It surely must be almost time to go home–LOL. (And I added the sad peanut butter photo.)

  3. I agree with the peanut butter container. You need to eat something more! That’s my mother hen instinct šŸ™‚ hope your week gets better!

    • That’s not my lunch of choice, for sure! I do have a protein bar in my desk but it’s a leftover coconut one from a variety box and I only like pineapple if it’s in a pina colada!

    • Chocolate would be a good addition! I keep PB in the desk because it doesn’t have to be chilled and a little bit of it is pretty filling–it’ll get me through an afternoon. šŸ™‚ But it is pathetic.

  4. I think the most depressing has to be the magazine layout and everything needing to be done with that. I think I’d crawl under the desk in the fetal position…

    • Darn magazine. I refused to work on it much during the Christmas holidays this year, little knowing I’d come back to extra projects–AND Belle Chasse edits due the same day the magazine goes to the printer AND the second Wilds of the Bayou novel would be due two weeks later. I figure if I’m still alive on March 1, it’ll be good. šŸ™‚

  5. The Mardi Gras King Cake. All that delicious Bavarian cream and yummy cake thrown away. Down right depressing.

  6. *hugs* the food ( or lack of good one) for sure is depressing and teh planner isn’t helping
    i wish you a lot of courage!! speaking of food i think i will make you an emergency anti depressing package so if you want a littel addition of something let me know ( more coffee? sound like you drink litter of it right now)

    take care of you *hugs*

    • I have become a coffee fiend, much thanks to you and the awesome Belgian coffee! I’ve decided it’s better for me than Diet Coke, which I’m trying to wean myself away from. I was just overwhelmed this morning; things will settle down in a couple of week, or three. šŸ™‚

  7. I think the daily planner it the most depressing… just looking at it, it seems chaotic.

  8. Sadly, this looks a lot like my desk…my list of things to do, my planner…but exchange the peanut butter for popcorn and it’s nearly exact. The amount of things you have do would have to be the most depressing part. Good luck getting it all done!

    • Popcorn! That’s a good thing to stick in the desk and we have a microwave on the first floor (I’m in the attic, of course, although we call it the “creative tower”). I’m sorry your desk looks like mine, though. We both need a vacation.

  9. This makes me mad on your behalf. Can’t the day job poohbahs put enough people on the team so that the hours aren’t so brutal and probably uncompensated? (Rhetorical question.) I hope they appreciate you. Take care.

    • Ah, the poohbahs….When I started here eight years ago, there were three editors. Then two. Now just me while there are additions in other departments who need editorial work. Thankfully, we have new poohbahs that realize this is not workable. The wheels grind slowly, however.

  10. The peNut butter picture because it reminds of the many shifts I have no time to eat. The magazine lay out shows how much work you still have to do and that can be disheartening. Love the Nuclear Erector title. Good luck!

    • Yes, I imagine you do have a lot of no-time-to-eat shifts! I’m not nearly as panicked about it all (books plus dayjob) as I should be. I don’t know if that’s good or bad.

  11. Probably the bottle of Advil would be the most depressing — having to take it more often than not. And I say that as my phone alarm is going off to remind me it is time to take my Tylenol. lol

  12. Also mourning the King cake…looked delicious, maybe Pina Coladas in a thermos would help!

    • Girl, I like the way you think. Pina coladas (or daiquiris) in a thermos is an excellent idea. Actually my coworker Shannon and I threatened to install a daiquiri machine and massage chair back in the corner of our office suite where no one goes. It still could happen.

  13. I think the peanut butter is the most depressing. When you’re too busy to eat something other than peanut butter, it’s bad. LOL! Chocolate should be there somewhere. It always helps me when I’m feeling overwhelmed.

  14. No time to go to lunch. I had too many days at work like that. They were almost as bad as the days I’d finally get lunch at 3 PM when I worked to 5:30 PM.

    • Oh, my poor little planner. Well, okay, it isn’t little. It’s kind of ridiculous and weighs too much for me to haul it around. But it’s cute….except for this week.

    • It’s all in where you get it, Debby. The ones from the grocery stores are usually dry as dust, have this nasty dyed sugar piled on the top, and aren’t fresh.

  15. I’d say the lack of lunch is the most depressing. Although, to be fair, there have been many times when I ate a spoonful of peanut butter because I didn’t have time.

  16. Since my desk has looked extremely similar at times( except it’s Nutella rather than peanut butter) I plead the 5th on them being depressing, lol.

  17. I have a jar of peanut butter on my desk. And coworkers are known to pinch spoonfuls for themselves lol.
    Depressing…. throwing cake away!

  18. For me it would be that peanut butter jar. I enjoy peanut butter and love to eat in general. it is just that I think we deserve so much more than just peanut butter for lunch.

  19. The daily planner is definitely overwhelming. How in the world do you keep up with your schedule!!!

    • Ah, quite frankly, my schedule is ridiculous, which is why I’ve ended up sick the last two years by the end of the year. I’m too stubborn to give anything up, though šŸ™‚

  20. I think the peanut butter is depressing, everyone should have time to eat a good lunch. šŸ˜€

  21. Ugh. Peanut butter out of the jar! That’s sad. A good meal always helps even (especially!) when you’re submerged in work.

  22. Having to get rid of such a great amount of sweets is very depressing. If only it had been smaller :'( Sadly too rich is too great of a burden in such a large amount!

  23. I also keep peanut butter in a jar in my desk at the office, for if I forget to buy something else to put on my bread. But at least I do put it on bread, could not eat something that sticky without something else. And it keeps good for a very long time šŸ˜‰
    Those long days are not healthy, you need more you-time.