And It’s Here! Wild Man’s Curse Releases Today!

sandlinHappy Book Birthday to Gentry and Celestine and the new book!! **Throws confetti***

It’s finally release day for WILD MAN’S CURSE, which just might be my favorite book I’ve written, certainly my favorite with humans (right?).

Thanks to all of you who preordered–it should be in your Kindle or mailbox today if it isn’t already! If you’re on the fence, I hope you’ll give it a chance, even if it’s isn’t paranormal per se. It has voodoo, and that’s pretty darn para-normal 🙂

Yesterday’s and today’s blog tour posts are below. I hope you’ll drop by, and you’ll be able to enter the tour giveaways at all stops unless otherwise noted. The grand prize is a $50 Amazon gift card, and I’m also giving away five $10 Amazon gift cards. If you live outside the U.S., you can make an equivalent order at Book Depository.

I’m over at fabulous fellow author Jill Archer’s blog today, talking about why I chose to write about wildlife agents, i.e., game wardens. (These guys are badasses!)

I’m doing an interview at Apocalipstick today (love the blog name), where, only for you, I dared look under my bed to see what was under there.

A big special thanks to Creatively Green for picking up the guest post missed by another blog yesterday. I’m introducing five of the songs from my Wilds of the Bayou series. You’ve seen a couple of them but I think the rest are new.

Thanks to Cubicle Escapee for the terrific review that went up yesterday!

You can enter for the tour prizes at all of the above.

Last, but far from least, WILD MAN’S CURSE is scheduled to be featured sometime today on the Kindle Love Stories blog today–I haven’t seen this yet, so I’m REALLY curious to see what they say! There’s not a giveaway with that post but if you’ll leave a comment (because my publisher is looking at such things), I’ll enter you for a signed copy of any of my books except the new one or, if you already have them, a couple of books from my TBR mountain range.

And, WHEW, that’s it for today! Thanks for hanging with me and especially to those of you following along the tour.

Feel free to roam around while I am in a freaking STAFF MEETING most of the morning. Sigh. I’ll be around to respond to comments asap.



12 thoughts on “And It’s Here! Wild Man’s Curse Releases Today!

  1. Received my Kindle copy today. Wonderful day. Get yours now, you will enjoy a great read.

  2. Thanks, everyone! I also order a copy in each format to check on their release time. My Kindle version downloaded overnight, and the audio and print book just arrived, so Amazon’s running like clockwork!

    Thanks to everyone also for posting those Amazon reviews!!

  3. Yeah! My print copy arrived today as well! (The ARC you sent me, again never made it sadly enough. I think your mail person steals your packages). I can’t wait to dive into it.

    • Oh no! I sent two copies, one for you and one for Carien, on Feb. 1, according to my mail log. I’m going to see if I can track what happened to it since I sent it via faster mail service and it was almost US$50. Yikes. Sorry, I didn’t realize it never arrived.

      • Here’s my last tracking notation:

        “Your item cleared customs in NETHERLANDS at 9:47 pm on March 2, 2016.” I hope somebody’s enjoying it!

  4. I just posted a review on Goodreads, Suzanne. Screwed it up the first time, but it is up now.