Tartan Day–and the Wild Man’s Curse #GC Tour Continues

Happy International Tartan Day!

How did I not know of this? My ancestors were either from Scotland or thrown out of Scotland or fled from Scotland to Ireland briefly in the 17th century before wandering across “the Pond” to escape the big bad Catholics (just kidding).

So, for my Sandlin ancestors–the original name was Sandilands,  has been tracked back to the 11th century, and was a sept of Clan Douglas. (There’s also a Douglass branch of the family)–here is my clan tartan (Image courtesy of Scotland Shop Tartan: https://www.scotlandshop.com/c-19-tartan-scarves.aspx. And they have some very cool tartan products for Clan Douglas, including this scarf swatch–check it out!)

sandlin tartan

And one of the family “houses” that remains on their former lands in Midlothian, near Edinburgh:

sandlin house midlothian

Anyway, back to business. Thanks to those of you following along the WILD MAN’S CURSE tour. At stops marked with an asterisk* you can enter the rafflecopter for one of five Amazon giftcard giveaways. If there are other giveaways I’ll list them below.

Here are today’s spots. I’ll have the URLS here each day.

I have a guest post at Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust, talking about my paranoia over the audiobook, and how the whole thing came together. I’m giving away an unabridged audiobook of WILD MAN’S CURSE at this stop.

There’s a guest post up at Girls with Books today, with a giveaway of three Kindle editions of Wild Man’s Curse up for grabs.

There’s a blog tour guest post on paranormal versus romantic suspense at Share My Destiny today*.

A big THANK YOU to Kimba at Caffeinated Book Reviews for the awesome review today!

And a belated big THANK YOU to Sullivan McPig for the review today on Pearls Cast Before a McPig!

Finally, there’s a promo stop (no giveaways) at author C.D. Hersh’s blog today.

I know that’s a lot, but thanks to you who are following along! Don’t worry–it’s only a two-week tour, so it won’t last forever 🙂

See you tomorrow and, if you get a chance, kiss a Scotsman! (Or Scotswoman–LOL.)





12 thoughts on “Tartan Day–and the Wild Man’s Curse #GC Tour Continues

    • i’m sure you could still surprise us^^ the world is so full of topic( animal, food, fashion, weather etc etc etc ^^ artist from taht area ^^)

  1. Suzanne running out of topics? You have got to be kidding me….. Writers don’t run out of things to talk about. EVER. LOL Sometimes they even put them down on paper for us to enjoy. I think I’m always learning new things from you. Thanks.

  2. I know this is very soon to ask, but will the next book in this series feature any of the characters in Wild Man’s Curse? I would very happy to read these secondary characters as leads in their own books. One of the things I like best about your writing is how well you develop all your characters, even those whose roles are small. Romantic suspense is not my favorite genre as a rule, but I liked this story very much.

    • I’m so glad you liked it, Patti! Yes, the second book, which I don’t have a date on yet but I expect will come out in late fall, has Jena as the heroine and a new character, Cole, as the hero. But Mac and Paul and Warren and Gentry and Ceelie are all in it as well. If the first two books do well, then Paul and Mac and maybe even Warren will get books. Jena’s book is already written, though, so it’s next and should be in edits pretty soon!

      • Oh, I’d love to read Paul’s story. Here’s to hoping you sell tons and tons of books.

    • Thanks! I like it too. I ordered a wool tartan blanket from Scotland and it was my favorite. Sadly it became my elderly terrier’s favorite too and I finally gave it to her 🙂

  3. I was missing (out of town) my favorite Scotsman on Wednesday, but I finally got to kiss him today!