Review: WAYLAID by Kim Harrison (and #Giveaway)

If you missed it, last week was sort of Kim Harrison week here at the Blog Formerly Known as Preternatura, with reviews of The Drafter (The Peri Reed Chronicles) and its prequel, Sideswiped (Kindle Single) (The Peri Reed Chronicles), plus a guest post by Kim herself, talking about her inspiration for the Peri Reed Chronicles trilogy. Today, we’re looking at a new novella in the Peri Reed Chronicles, Waylaid (Kindle Single). Novel #2 in the series, The Operator (The Peri Reed Chronicles), will be out in November.

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Waylaid (Kindle Single)
Worlds collide when Rachel Morgan of The Hollows meets Peri Reed of The Drafter in this exciting new short story from #1 New York Times bestselling author Kim Harrison.The paranormal and the futuristic meet in this thrilling novella featuring your favorite badass heroines from two of “the amazingly gifted” (RT Book Reviews) Kim Harrison’s most beloved series: the Hollows and the Peri Reed Chronicles. The magic of the Hollows runs full force into the technological sophistication of The Drafter when a device capable of carrying a city’s data stream pulls Rachel, the bounty hunter witch of the Hollows, between realities, marooning her in a world where the supernatural holds no sway. To get Rachel and Jenks home, Peri, the dangerous renegade of 2030, must decide what will chart her future: her blind trust in those who grant her power, or her intuition telling her to believe.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kim Harrison, author of the New York Times #1 best-selling Hollows series, was born in Detroit and lived most her her life within an easy drive.  After gaining her bachelor’s in the sciences, she moved to South Carolina, where she remained until recently returning to Michigan because she missed the snow.  She’s currently working on the Peri Reed Chronicles, and when not at her desk, Kim is most likely to be found landscaping her new/old Victorian home, in the garden, or out on the links.

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waylaidWell, all you had to do was tell me that Rachel Morgan was going to meet up with Peri Reed, and I was on board. In her preface, Kim Harrison likens the experiencing of bringing these disparate worlds together to writing fan fiction for oneself, and that’s how it felt to read it—in a really good way.

Peri is short, waifish, with short dark hair. She is human, and lives in a futuristic high tech world that doesn’t exist for Rachel, in a city that, for Rachel, no longer exists (Detroit). Rachel is tall, with frizzy red hair, a mouth that won’t quit, and a witch. Polar opposites, in other words. Rachel, of course, thinks her accidental summoning has been orchestrated by the demon Al, while Peri thinks Rachel is there as an agent from Bill, who works for Opti, the Big Brotherish organization that isn’t all it seems. They soon realize they’re both wrong and that they’ll have to work together to get Rachel back home.

Of course, chaos ensues. It has to, because Rachel is there and Rachel IS chaos. We get a cameo appearance by Al, and Jenks manages to make it into Peri’s world to help Rachel get home, where Trent is apparently having a hissy fit and threatening everyone in sight.

In Peri’s world, there is no magic. There are no witches or vampires or werewolves or elves. There is only the thing that doesn’t appear in Rachel’s world—technology. And lots and lots of humans.

This was SUCH a fun read! As much as I’m enjoying the Peri Reed series, I have missed the madness of Rachel’s crazy world and this little taste made me homesick for the Hollows of Cincinnati. And note that while Sideswiped is more of a novella, this is purely short story. It’s a quick read, but Waylaid is well worth the 99 cent price tag. It’s also a pure standalone. You don’t really have to have read SIDESWIPED for it to make sense and it’s totally outside the story arc of THE DRAFTER.

I’d rate Waylaid 4.5 gators. Had it been longer, I’d have given it a 5. Sigh. Bye, Rachel and Jenks. We’ll miss you. 

THE GIVEAWAY: If you’ve read the series so far, what did you think of Waylaid? Leave a comment to win a copy!





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12 thoughts on “Review: WAYLAID by Kim Harrison (and #Giveaway)

  1. Ok, Waylaid sounds like a lot of fun. Will definitely read it to get another Rachel Morgan fix!

  2. I’ve read The Drafter and enjoyed it and I really look forward to Waylaid. I will miss Rachel and Jenks, I LOVED the Hollows series. I liked the character of Peri, but Rachel will always be my favorite. Tinks little pink panties, I can’t forget Jenks!

  3. i particulary love teh fact that it stand alone and that it’s not a necessity to read it ( even if with Rachel and jenks in of course we HAVE to read it^^)
    so it’s definitively on my list for the future

  4. A Witch, a Pixy, and a Vampire walk into a bar …, “Dead Witch Walking”. I was hooked…. Waylaid the mash-up with the Hollows is fascinating.

  5. I have not started this series yet although Kim is a wonderful author. The Hollows was/is my favorite series and I am still in mourning. Not sure I am strong enough for Peri’s series, but that is a lot of gators!

  6. I have not read the series as yet but would love to. Adding to my list.

  7. I have not yet read the series, but I loved Kim’s Hollow series and look forward to reading Waylaid.

  8. I have not read the series so far but am intrigued with what I have discovered from the recent posts on this blog about the books thus far.

  9. I have Kim Harrison’s first book in the Hollows series, but I haven’t read yet and haven’t not read this series either yet. Heard so many good things about this author.