Scene Snippet Sunday and Weekly Winners

Diamonds on a blackbackgroundWell, make that two-weekly winners. Sorry for disappearing last week. Revisions on one book, copyedits on another, preparations for a five-hour day-job strategic planning meeting, the senior adult falling… was a heckuva week.

BUT, the second Wilds of the Bayou novel–this will be Jena’s book–finally has a name! It’s to be called BLACK DIAMOND and should be released in October. My guess would be October 11 or 25 but don’t hold me to that. Not official list. (Which, yes, means blog tours for BLACK DIAMOND and BELLE CHASSE could be running concurrently, which makes my head spin.) And no, it has nothing to do with diamonds, actually.

Anyway, in honor of the book with no name finally having one, here’s an excerpt. If you haven’t read WILD MAN’S CURSE yet (why not? LOL), Jena Sinclair, the heroine of this book, is WMC hero Gentry’s partner and an enforcement agent with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. Her brother Jackson is living with her temporarily at her new house in Chauvin, Terrebonne Parish, La……

Jena set her pack inside the front door, removed her department-issued Sig Sauer from its holster, and locked it inside the foyer desk drawer. She had just unfastened the buckle to release her heavy uniform utility belt when she glanced up, looked out the living room windows that stretched across the back of the house, and froze.

            Whereas Jena was tall, slender, ivory-skinned, and red-haired like her mother, Jackson was shorter, well built but more compact, and dark-haired like their father. And every inch of him was on display, upside down, as he walked on his hands across the top of the concrete wall at the back of the property, naked as the day he was born—a day Jena remembered well because she’d been allowed to skip school.

            God, I’ll never be able to unsee that. Jena marched across the living room, which opened poolside, and shut off the music. Its sudden absence filled the house with a heavy silence that itself was almost audible.

            “Shit, what’re you doing?” Startled, Jackson lost his balance in the middle of what might have been a naked cartwheel, although Jena was doing her best not to look. She did glance around long enough to watch him tumble headfirst into a row of carefully manicured crape myrtle trees that had already been trimmed back into short spikes to prepare them for spring blooms. “Ow!”

            Served the little weasel right. Jena turned her back as he maneuvered himself out of the trees. When he rounded across the lawn and into her line of sight, he’d pulled on a pair of shorts. Bloody red scratches crossed his arms and chest where the tree branches had made their mark.

            Too bad. Jena had to get Jacks under control or throw him out. He’d been either sitting on his ass or off somewhere “getting to know the locals” since he’d arrived. He had to get a job. Better yet, he could move back to New Orleans and live with Parents Dearest, who must’ve had an ulterior motive for sending him here. They’d never endorsed laziness from either of their kids. He needed to come clean or go home.

She took a few steps closer to tell him exactly that. “What the hell do you think…” A good look at Jackson’s eyes stopped her tirade before she got wound up. His blue eyes looked black, with pupils the size of Mardi Gras doubloons. “What are you on?”

Nothing good, I bet.

Now….book giveaways! Remember that if you win, whether TBR mystery book or Gift Card or other book, you can always choose any of my books in digital, print, or audio instead. If you’re in the U.S. or Canada I will send a signed book; sorry but cost prohibits shipping from the US internationally but I will have one sent to you from Book Depository. Or you can take whatever you win–your choice!

In case you wonder how these are chosen, I take the number of comments, plug that number into, hit the “generate” button, and then count. Winners should contact me at or at the contact tab on this page and let me know if you want your prize or one of my books (and which one). Winners for the past couple of weeks are:

LIZ won a TBR mystery book for sharing her favorite country to visit (thanks to all who participated, by the way!).

STEPHANIE F won any book up to US$15 in price, print or digital, for commenting on my review of How Dogs Love Us this week. And the overwhelming opinion, of course, is that our dogs (and cats) certainly DO love us.

PATTI won a $5 Amazon GC  for commenting on the post about quantity vs quality in publishing.

Stay tuned this week as it’s officially KIM HARRISON week here on the blog! Kim herself will be here on Thursday and I’ll try the unprecedented feat of reviewing three books in a single week. AND for those of you who haven’t yet picked up the Penton Legacy books, stay tuned for a big sale on Thursday. Details to come!

7 thoughts on “Scene Snippet Sunday and Weekly Winners

  1. Thanks for the Snippet, always a fan of these little looks into coming events. October and November will be great fun. Looking forward to Belle Chasse and Black Diamond.

  2. oh no diamond then….but it gave me an idea so i cans till start working on a new incentive ( and in advance this time^^)
    * full promotional mode*

  3. Thanks, everyone! And no, Black Diamond is actually the name of a very addictive synthetic drug that has invaded the parish and is killing people. And there might be alligators involved. LOL.