Giveaways, Cupcakes, and Facebook

First, there’s this:

scavenger hunt

I’m taking part in Night Owl Reviews’ Scavenger Hunt. Click here, scroll down and find the list of participating authors. You might have to register; I’m not sure about that, but it’s free and it’s a good site. (I’m wearing my Susannah hat this time.) Click on each author, go to her website’s home page, find the cupcake with the number on it, enter it, then move to the next author, etc. It’s going to run for three weeks so there’s time to get it all done. There are lots of good prizes, so check it out! (Hint: My cupcake is at the bottom of my home page–not this blog page–at

Next! There seems to have been some problems with my newsletter deployment this time. If you’re a subscriber who didn’t get it yesterday (or just want to see what it’s about), click on the STUFF tab on this page, and I’ve uploaded a copy. This seems to mainly have impacted Yahoo mail users; some didn’t receive it and others couldn’t reply on the giveaway link. If you’re one of the latter, just email me at suzannej3523 at gmail dot com and put “Enter Me in the June Giveaway” in the subject line, and I’ll make sure you’re entered. If you entered the giveaway and didn’t get a bounceback, you’ll know I received it. I’ll expect a report on the new Jean Lafitte 1815 soap–it’s still black, but Sweet Olive Soap Works (love love love their stuff, and no, I have no affiliation with them) has reformulated it to a bay rum scent, so I bet it’s as yummy as Jean himself. Mais oui!

Next! Ummm….oh yeah. I’m going to be reviewing a book tomorrow, Elizabeth Gilbert’s BIG MAGIC. It has been an eye-opener for me about a different way to look at living a creative life, so I wanted to yammer about it a bit. Yeah, there will probably be a giveaway attached.

If you want to follow my silliness of the day job with no air conditioning and see photos of my desk and other exciting things, please friend me on Facebook here. I’m on there WAY too much. If you want to know more bookish stuff and less Suzanne silliness, “like” my Facebook author page here and be sure to go under notifications so you’ll see when I’ve posted. I usually keep everything book-related there whereas my friends page tends to be…anything and everything, including books. I’m not doing much with Twitter right now, although I check in a couple of times a day to see if anyone’s asked me anything. I like the personal nature of Facebook and it’s fun getting to know people, so that’s where I’ve focused most of my social media time lately.

And that’s it for today, my friends. See you tomorrow, I hope, to talk about creativity!



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3 thoughts on “Giveaways, Cupcakes, and Facebook

  1. on the scavenger webpage it said that it should have a word written on the cupcake ( i may be blind but on your webpage i only see the button for teh hunt not a specific cupcake with a a word on it)

    now i”m curious about what we will see tomorrow^^

  2. You’re right! Click on the button (or link) to the hunt and it’s on my Susannah Sandlin author page on the Night Owl Reviews’ website. It works that way for all the authors.

    Thanks, Miki!