Planning for the Unthinkable, with Colleen S. Myers (& #Giveaway)

What have you learned today? Well, for one thing, let’s see what we can learn from author Colleen S. Myers, who joins us today to talk about her new release, CAN’T FORGET, which came out on Monday with Champagne Books, but even more, about a very hard lesson she was forced to learn recently herself.

ABOUT COLLEEN: Colleen S. Myers was raised in a large catholic family in the outskirts of Pittsburgh, Pa., where she grew up on Harlequin teen romances and stories from her mother’s days as a paramedic. She went on to attend Allegheny College majoring in biology and English. After college, she spent a year in service in Americorps, giving back to the community at a local Pittsburgh Women Infants and Children Clinic (WICC) before attending Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine on a military scholarship. Upon completing medical school, Colleen attended residency at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland and was on base in Washington, D.C., during 9/11. She earned three meritorious service awards from the military. After serving seven years of active duty, she promptly landed a position at the V.A. to provide fellow veterans with optimum medical care. Still an avid fan of romances into adulthood, her love of the genre inspired her to hone her craft as a writer, focusing on contemporary romance and science fiction. Her background in medicine and the military provides an inspiring layer of creative realism to her stories and characters….Her first book, Must Remember, the first book in the Solum series, is published by Champagne Press. The sequel, Can’t Forget, released on June 6, received the 2015 RWA New England Readers Award. Colleen currently resides in Pittsburgh with her son, and spends her spare time writing. She is also working on a new contemporary romance.

You can find her here:

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And now let’s hear more about the book:

myers coverABOUT CAN’T FORGET: Is it better to be safe or loved? Four months have passed since the E’mani destroyed the Earth and scooped up the remains. Elizabeth “Beta” Camden was one of those taken. With the help of their enemies, the Fost, she escapes and confronts her prior captors successfully. Though she knows she should remain vigilant toward the E’mani, she follows her heart instead and falls in love with Marin, the sexy Fost warrior. She should have trusted her first instinct…. This time the E’mani don’t come in force–they slip in silently. And any hope Beta had of a peaceful life is lost. She leaves in the dead of night to find the E’mani stronghold and end them once and for all. But love is a tricky bitch.  It takes a threat to Marin’s safety to make Beta realize, if she can’t forget her past, she won’t have a future.

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Now, let’s hear from Colleen. What she has recently learned might surprise you.


Colleen S. Myers

I always hate writing posts just saying, “Hey, buy my books,” so I thought I would share something about myself.

Anyone who knows me knows that my husband recently died. He was the love of my life. I myers photoknow that sounds clichéd, but I honestly felt this way about him. Needless to say, this past year has been rough. I find writing to be a form of cleansing and a way to escape. Let’s face it–we all need to escape sometimes! 

Alas, I was not able to escape real life–instead, it slapped me in my face every day. I never realized how much my husband did. That sounds horrible. What I meant is, how much I would miss having a partner, a sounding board, a muse. It also made me wonder what would happen to our son, my husband’s mini, if anything were to happen to me.

So I decided, I had to make out my will and start making plans for retirement and just in case. Not the happiest of topics, yet as a single parent, a very important one. Most people don’t like to think about retirement or wills or what might happen to them. It is scary. People need to move beyond their fears and look to the future. I wanted to make sure that my son’s future, and my own future, was set. At the same time, it made me sad. 

So that is what I learned today. What did you learn today?

First, I’m sure all of the readers of this blog, who spend a lot of time talking about light and silly things, join me in offering you good wishes and big hugs at this time. One of my best friends recently lost her husband unexpectedly, and the loss keeps showing up in unexpected ways.

So what I learned today, I learned from your post. Stop whining and moaning about little things because all we are guaranteed is today, this moment. So let’s make it a good one.

What have you learned today? I’ll give one commenter a print or digital copy of Must Remember, the first in Colleen’s series.

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23 thoughts on “Planning for the Unthinkable, with Colleen S. Myers (& #Giveaway)

    • Normally, I’d be cheered by that thought, except that I will spend Friday in a seven-hour board meeting, helping plan for a job I’ll only be in another ten months (I hope).

  1. I’ve recently learned that if I focus on the bad, I will never see the good. It is okay to notice the bad, just don’t get obsessed with it to the point you can’t see anything else.

  2. So sorry for the loss of your husband. I hope you have many happy memories to share with your son. You are right about not focusing on the little stuff.

  3. I learned when my daughter volunteers to paint in my basement I should work outside. Just added Must Remember to my Kindle.

  4. i’m really sorry for your loss and i find admirable that you try to go on like that
    what i’ve learned today?….i guess that despite doing our best sometimes it’s still not enough and that if teh unknown is terrifying even a death more or less planned ( deadly illness so no exact date of course but not hope of healing either) is sometimes even more terrifying so we should cherish each day

    • I know this is a lesson you’re having to try and learn right now as well. Cherish each day, try to stay in the present, and worry about the future only when it becomes the present. Stay strong!

  5. My heart breaks for your friend. I learned to remember to be grateful for all that we have been given.

  6. Today I learned what ‘peak mom’ truly is. I thought I had been there before, but as I sat ripping open a stack of tissue boxes so that I could cut off the Box Tops for Education thingies to turn in to my daughter’s school before they expire, I thought, “Whoa, nope, this is definitely it.” Peak Mom achieved.

  7. I know for myself that you need to take care of the present, but look to the future too.

    • That reminds me of the serenity prayer, which I love.
      God grant me the strength to accept the things I cannot change, The courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference (Not an exact quote)