Scene Snippet Sunday, BELLE CHASSE Edition (and Winners!)

BelleChasse_comprev2Happy Sunday! I hope your week was better than mine, filled with emotional minefields, bookish disappointments, violent blowups, and topped off with a new dress code at the day job…

Wait—I think my shoulder straps don’t quite meet the exact two-inch dimensions. They might be 1-7/8 inches. Yikes. Who will be doing the measurements? Does the two-inch limit also apply to bra straps? Guess I’ll have to go without. Heh. It might be time for the inner anarchist to make an appearance.

First, how about a scene snippet? I just got final pages to proof on Belle Chasse so I’ll use that. In this scene, DJ has set up a meeting with First Elder Willem Zrakovi (who has a warrant to have her arrested and put permanently “on ice” in Greenland), hoping she can convince him that she is not his enemy. It’s not working out too well. He’s accompanied by two bodyguards DJ refers to as Squirrel Chin and Dreadlocks.

“I suggest you stand slowly and walk out with my men,” Zrakovi said, tapping a napkin against his lying, two-faced mouth and putting a twenty on the table to cover the drinks. “If you make a scene, innocent humans will be injured. I have a Blue Congress cleanup team in place, however, so if you want to fight in public and damage a few humans, knock yourself out. It will only add to your list of crimes.” 

I stood slowly, gritting my teeth when Squirrel Chin patted me down while feeling me up and making it look like a romantic moment. He’d been so busy feeling the naughty bits that he missed both Charlie, sitting in my bag next to my foot, and the dagger attached to my inner forearm.

Idiot. Alex would never have been so sloppy. If Alex had patted me down, he’d have found not only the weapons but also the portable magic kit.

 From the corner of my eye, I saw a tourist taking mobile phone shots of us. He’d no doubt email them to all his friends back home with stories of those crazy New Orleanians and their public displays of affection. 

I considered pretending to faint, but I was too badly outnumbered for it to work. Like my friend Jean

Lafitte, whose help I could use about now, I didn’t want to try something unless it had a reasonable chance at succeeding. I also didn’t want to pull Charlie out and risk humans getting hurt. 

“Walk out the door onto Chartres and turn straight toward the cathedral.” Zrakovi pulled his jacket aside enough for me to see a shoulder holster. I hadn’t even known the man could hold a gun, although for all I knew about guns it could be a water pistol. 

The walk to the cathedral transport was three very long city blocks. My best escape opportunity would be near Jackson Square. When the muscular goons tried to turn me left toward the cathedral, I’d try to break and run right toward the river, where I could get lost among the wharves and docks long enough to draw and power a transport. Of course in order to run, I’d have to get away from the clinch of Dreadlocks and Squirrel Chin. Charlie could take care of that. 

I slipped the messenger bag over my head slowly, and not even Zrakovi noticed the stick of wood protruding from the top by a couple of inches.

Not to be redundant, but . . . idiots.

None of us spoke as we proceeded down Chartres Street, where, to our south, the clouds continued to build. The wind had grown stronger and drier. The hurricane was sucking all the humidity out of the air, all the better to gain intensity. I hoped Zrakovi, a Bostonian, would enjoy his first storm. I hoped a live oak landed on his head.

Will our dauntless heroine escape? Who will help her? (Pierre Lafitte was supposed to be her backup but he proved less than reliable.) Hm…

Now, did you win a book this week? I made some headway toward my backlog of giveaways this weekend; most of the things still to send are books from Book Depository, which my bank charges a surcharge for as a foreign transaction and limits me to one order a day, and the books I have to physically pack up and mail myself. So patience, my pretties!

Kristal Hollis will be giving away a copy of her new book AWAKENED BY THE WOLF, but I will let her select that einnrt and we’ll announce it in a blog post this week and at the bottom of the comments. Thanks to Kristal for hanging out with us, and to all of you for the great comments!

JENNA O won this week’s Reader’s Choice giveaway and chose THE ANGEL WORE FANGS. Please email me at suzannej3523 at gmail or via the contact form above with your mailing info. Your choice of print or digital.

Hope to see you back tomorrow for a new Reader’s Choice list and giveaway!

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10 thoughts on “Scene Snippet Sunday, BELLE CHASSE Edition (and Winners!)

  1. She’s got Charlie, things are going to get hot. Thanks for the snippet.

  2. I can’t decide what’s sadder – the measurement factor of the dress code itself or why (or what miscreant set them off) they felt the need to lay the hammer down further? This is the start of a brand new week, hope it’s much better. Thanks for more DJ!!!

    • Thanks, Jane! Yes, this page-long list of “don’t wears” came as a real shocker late on a Friday afternoon. I’m an anarchist at heart, however, so I’ve already planned my counter-tactics. LOL.

  3. Authoritarianism is rampant in corporate America. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, Suzanne. (Cue Kelly Clarkson lol). Thanks for the DJ fix. Can’t wait to see her take Zrakovi down. Hope the coming week is better than the last.

    • Thanks, Patti, me too! Last week was misery. The new dress code (no tunics? what’s wrong with tunics?) was the icing to finish off Friday afternoon.

  4. oh this snippet promise a lot of fun ( and Jean is sure to have a word with Pierre)
    Sorry this week was so bad….is that teh only new rule in dress code or did they went more overboard ?
    ( also i don’t know how bank system works but bookdepository dot com isn’t supposed to be foreign for US resident i think…strange but bank looks liek trying to dry everyone lately)


    • This is just my bank policy–a 10 percent penalty on any business conducted outside the U.S. After one or two transactions a day they will decline them. So i have to spread things out. Oh no, the dress code was a full page long. It’s quite an amazing document, complete with misspellings. LOL. Guess they didn’t want the editor to have a sneak peek.

  5. Loved the snippet. DJ will find a way to save herself with Charlie. Good luck with the dress code! Reminds me of my catholic school years.