The Problem with Penton…Humans! Heroes! Hannah!

Penton Slider ArtSo as I work on ILLUMINATION, which I currently envision as the final book in the Penton series, I’m running across some issues. So, dear readers, today, you’re my sounding board and therapy group, rolled into one.

Problem No. 1. Motivation. I write better with deadlines and my publisher has decided they are no longer interested in the series, as they are no longer publishing paranormal books. So that means that I, me, moi, must write it, edit it, do a cover for it, format it, proof it, publish it, and market it…or pay someone else to do some of those things (well, not write it. Although….) So forcing myself to meet my own deadlines is a struggle when there are things to do that I’ve neglected for several years, like sleeping. To be truthful, however, my best motivation is you, the readers, who have asked me when when when will Penton continue.

Problem No. 2. The Universe. With ALLEGIANCE, i introduced shifters and humans into the Penton world, so now I’m kinda stuck with them. How big a role do I want them to play? Or do I want to hone in on my core group of characters–Aidan, Krys, Mirren, Glory, Will, Randa, Melissa, Mark, and Cage (plus the bad guys from the Tribunal)?

Problem No. 3.  The Hero. I know how the series ends. I know who wins and who loses. That’s what I call the “plot arc,” and I’ve known that for couple of books. But in ALLEGIANCE, I set up Nik Dimitrou as the hero of ILLUMINATION. Nik is human, although I love him as a character. I think I can make him work as a hero, and even have an idea of a woman for him. But he’s a human. Is that a problem to have a human be the hero of the final book in a vampire pnr series?

Problem No. 4. Hannah. I have tiptoed around Hannah for the entire series because when vampires feed it can be a sensual high for the feeder, and we’re talking on the one hand about a 200-year-old vampire but we’re also talking about an 11-year-old child who also happens to be a vampire. That’s creepy territory I do NOT want to enter but If this is the final book in this story arc, I need to deal with Hannah and what her life going forward might look like.

So, there are my Penton problems. I will overcome them. I haz a few ideas. I’m open to more. Maybe this last book is less a new love story but a set of love stories entertwined, with Aidan and Krys back at the center–at the end of the series as they were at the beginning. That is the direction in which I’m leaning.

And does this have to be the last one? Well, right now, I’m thinking yes…until those who survive the Penton wars join the cast of Storm Force…

Thoughts, oh Penton fans?

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10 thoughts on “The Problem with Penton…Humans! Heroes! Hannah!

  1. I think a series of intertwined stories makes sense to wrap up the series. And I don’t have a problem with a human hero in a one book. It’d be different.

  2. #1 release date January 26, 2017. #2 I like the mix, but ok if you go back. Perhap a spinoff could develop to deal with them. #3 nope….he can be changed yes? #4 Hannah needs a family.

    You need a VA or PA to keep you on target.

    • Haha–now you’ve given me a deadline! That’s great. I’m actually shooting for earlier than that, but we’ll see. I have come to the same conclusion about Hannah and think I already know how I’ll make that happen. Changing Nik could work, or it could be tricky–I’ve considered it. He has two were bites, and a third would turn him into a miserable hybrid. Gonna have to give that one a lot of thought.

  3. #1 – January 2017 looks good to me. #2 – Hone in on the core group. #3 – A human can be a hero, yes. #4 – Hannah needs some sort of HEA, tough job for a vampire, not so tough for an 11 year old? We need your stories, even when you have to kill off some of our book friends.

    • Sounds like January could be the date! #2 is where I’m leaning, with expanding a spinoff Storm Force team that could bring the two casts together again. And Hannah WILL get an HEA; that’s one of the few parts of the book I have almost figured out as the day has progressed.

      • Oh, and thanks for the kind words. I did spend a couple of days thinking about giving up writing after several hard hits of bad news in a 24-hour period, but I’m over it.

  4. What is this giving up writing of which you speak? Don’t be silly! I like the idea of bringing the core group back into play, they are a wonderful group of characters. Whatever you decide is okay with all of us!!

  5. After literally just finishing all if the Penton books I had some thoughts about Hannah. Whether it would be in the final book or a part of the new Storm Force series; 1) What if a break through with the syrum Frank had worked on got to Hannah but changed her in a way that allowed her to physically age to a point where she mentally and physically matched a grown adult. 2) Provided at the end of the last Penton book she’s still a young girl but is now surrounded by family and doesn’t have a love interest…Maybe after her physical change she somehow meets up with Max and they could find their way to becoming a couple?

    As others have said in previous comments whatever you come up with will be great! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your books so far!

  6. I selfishly say January is way too late!! But, do what you have to do. I will read whatever it is you write, no matter who the H/h are. I just want the book, lol.