Penton 5 has a Date–and We Have Weekly Winners!

Penton SeriesI’ve set a release date for ILLUMINATION, the fifth Penton Legacy novel, of January 19. Woo-hoo! This will be the final book in this Penton story arc that has been ongoing since Redemption came out. The characters will eventually join the crew from STORM FORCE for the Omega Force series that has been planned for a while.

Haven’t read this paranormal romance novel? Between now and midnight PDT, which is 3 a.m. Eastern, 2 a.m. Central, et al, you can get all four books at Amazon for $7.20 for Kindle. The catch? You have to download all four to get the price. And if you’ve bought one previously but not the others, I don’t think it works. Sorry–publisher makes the rules :-). Click here to check it out.

Also ending at the same time is the 99 cent sale on LOVELY, DARK, AND DEEP, which is still one of my favorite books (yes, shhhhh, authors do have favorites). Click here to get it for 99 cents for Kindle.

Okay, sale talk done. I’m in high gear preparing for two writing workshops in September…no, I didn’t intentionally set up two the same month. It should be…interesting. So if you’re interested in plotting or revision, click the “appearances” tab on this page for info and join us!

Now…did you win a book this week? If so, contact me with your relevant info (email for gift cards, snail mail for print books) at

APRIL K won the $10 Amazon gift card for commenting on the day of Jeffe Kennedy’s post about writing full time. It was fun to read everyone’s hopes for retirement (or winning the lottery), so thanks for participating, and thanks to Jeffe for responding to comments!

ROGER won the $5 Amazon gift card for commenting on Wendy Lynn Clark’s post.

ELAINE won this week’s Reader’s Choice and chose Jocelynn Drake’s Stefan. This is a digital-only book for Kindle. You also can choose another book instead (print or digital)–anything less than $15 USD.

Come back tomorrow for a new Reader’s Choice!

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