Belle Chasse Scene-Snippet and ARC #giveaway

Belle Chasse CoverHappy Sunday! I’m late posting today, but I come bearing ARCs of BELLE CHASSE! I have two available for giveaway to two commenters—just let me know which Sentinels character—other than DJ–is your favorite! Easy-peasy, right?

And here’s a snippet…In this scene, DJ (who’s on the lam) has sneaked into NOLA both to see Alex and get some help for Rene, who’s been poisoned. She scries Alex and finds he’s at her favorite restaurant having dinner with a woman DJ doesn’t know. After a short, sweet reunion back in a private courtyard, all hell breaks loose (what a surprise, right?):

Alex dropped my hands, stood, and turned toward the door. I hadn’t heard anything earlier, but now the sound of loud voices came from the dining room. He looked back at me. “You sense anything?”

I edged around him and stayed against the wall, moving closer to the door. A shiver ran across my shoulder blades. “Red Congress magic, and shifters. Werewolves, I think.”

“Shit. You’ve gotta get out of here. If I slow them down, can you make a transport out here?”

I looked around quickly. “A small one, yes.”

“Do it.” He stood between me and the door while I pulled a vial of sea salt from my messenger bag and drew a hasty interlocking circle and triangle.

I’d just taken Charlie out of the thigh holster when a crash sounded from inside and thick smoke billowed out the door. Something in the dining room had exploded, judging by the sounds and smoke. Frantic screams blended with the crash of breaking glass, chairs falling on hard flooring, and trampling feet.

I jumped into the transport but paused when a tall brunette tripped on her way out the door, coughing furiously. “I slowed them down, but it won’t last long,” she said between hacks, her accent British and upper-crust. “DJ must leave now.”

“Who are you?” She was Alex’s dinner companion, and she was close enough now for me to tell she was a wizard from her familiar energy buzz. But what wizard?

“DJ, zap me with the staff—just enough to knock me out,” Alex said. “That way, they won’t suspect me of helping you escape. It’s okay to burn me a little.”

“Okay. I guess.” Made sense. I was already a fleeing criminal and Alex was my mole on the inside. I held out the staff, touching it to Alex’s shoulder, but hesitated. I couldn’t zap him, mole or not, and I didn’t trust myself not to really hurt him. “I can’t—”

“Oh, bloody hell. We don’t have time for this. The flipping werewolves are on the march!” The brunette jerked Charlie out of my outstretched hand and, in one smooth motion, beaned Alex over the head with it. Hard. His face registered shock for about two seconds before he crumpled.

“What have you done? He could have a concussion.” I snatched Charlie out of her hand, but was prevented from going to Alex when the woman shoved me back into the transport. “Get out of here, DJ. Now.”

She was right. The scuffling sounds were near the door of the restaurant. I leaned over and touched Charlie to the transport, praying Alex had nothing but a minor lump on the head as well as a good cover story. “Who are you?” I asked, before mumbling, “Maison Rouge, Barataria.”

Her voice came through faintly as I transported out. “I’m your cousin Audrey. Lovely to meet you!”

 A new character! I think you’ll like Audrey. Think a younger DJ with no training. Scary, yes?BC ARCS

So…who’s your favorite? (Please note that ARCS don’t have final covers and might have a few typographical or continuity errors that won’t be in the final version. It is also illegal to sell ARCs.)

If you have a book review site and wish a print ARC, just email me at I have very limited numbers available, but digital ARCs also will be available.

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80 thoughts on “Belle Chasse Scene-Snippet and ARC #giveaway

  1. Great snippet! Jean of course gets me vote. Although Audrey looks like she could be a contender in the future. Can’t wait to read the whole story!

    • I think Audrey’s going to be fun. She’s in Belle Chasse quite a bit. And of course, I do expect Jean to get the most votes! Sneaky pirate 🙂

  2. I find Charlie to be utterly intriguing because you never know what it will do; it is a complete unknown. But because Charlie isn’t really a character, Jean is my favorite. I love his loyalty, dedication and foresight. He plans for the future that no one else is able to predict; he makes successful decisions for those dear to him.

    • Charlie’s a great answer! I supposed, technically, he is a character. And Jean has turned into a surprisingly loyal ally for DJ, something she (and I) certainly didn’t expect when the series began 🙂

    • Hahahah–I won’t hit you, although I’m surprised to hear that Rand has a fan! He is actually one of my favorite characters to write because he is morally ambiguous. He can be incredibly thoughtful….and unapologetically dangerous. He’s probably, despite what happened in Pirate’s Alley, the biggest political wildcard in the series.

  3. Jean Jean Jean! I visited NO for the first time and was drawn to any bit of Lafitte history I could find 🙂

  4. Jean without hesitation^^
    Oh i think i will love Audrey^^

    thank you for sharing this snippet with us!

  5. I love Lafitte! But then again, he and I have a history that goes back at as my watching Yul Brynner in the Buccaneer (I’m sure it’s inaccurate, but 16 year old Kim didn’t care).

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

    • LOL. I remember the shirtless Yul Brenner version too! I recently rewatched that movie for the first time since I began writing and researching the real Lafitte and it bears little resemblance to reality but it’s still fun to watch!

  6. Thanks for the Snippet. I’ll go with Jean, then Charlie. Think I’m going to like Audrey.

  7. I have not read Belle Chasse yet but looking forward to it
    Can’t wait
    So therefore I do not know any of the characters to have a favorite

    • It won’t be released until November 8, but it’s book five in the series. I think you can start with #3 and not have missed too much, though. Take my word for it–you like the pirate Jean Lafitte! 🙂

  8. Jean appeals to me more than Alex. Both are great characters but Jean just stands out more.

    • Alex is sexy but he’s hard-headed and intense. Jean also is sexy, hard-headed, and intense but somehow it’s more fun when he misbehaves, I agree!

      • I do like Alex, but don’t feel DJ is his first concern. Jean seems to always be there for her, even though he is technically dead.

  9. I love Jean. He’s such an appealing rascal full of charm. And Pirate! What’s not to love.

  10. My favorite character is Jean! He is such an intense character, and I never know what is coming next. He’s also loyal and charning. I would be awestruck by someone like him!

    • Another fan of Rand! He’d be so pleased with himself–LOL. I actually like him too. It’s like the rulebook flies out the window when I’m writing him. He’s capable of anything, good or bad. But he’ll never catch up with Jean 🙂

    • Hahahah–yes, blasted autocorrect. Rene was sputtering over being mistaken for a girl! The merman has almost reached pirate status with me. 🙂

  11. That’s like asking a mom which one is her favorite kid, Suzanne. How could I choose just one? Jake doesn’t seem to be getting much love, and I think he’s an intriguing character, trying to cope with what he has become, and losing DJ to Alex. The whole concept of historical undead is one of the things that drew me into your series. Loved the Truman Capote scenes. Jean is the main HD character, so of course I love him, too. Rand reminds me of the guy from school who was gorgeous until he opened his mouth. There is something both funny and chilling about Rand. You’re never sure what he might do, but you can usually assume it will be in his own best interest. Rene is adorable. I love dolphins, for one, and he is a fantastic sidekick for DJ. You have endowed him with such a vivid personality that I can hear the rolling Cajun gait of his speech. So obviously, I would be thrilled with an ARC of Belle Chasse.

    • Ha–you’re right. I kind of feel that way about my characters. After spending the past six years with them living in my head, they feel real to me. You have Rand nailed. He’s gorgeous, and totally unpredictable–except that whatever he does will be in Rand’s best interest. Thanks for loving my characters as much as I do!

  12. Jean Lafitte is my favorite character. Thanks for sharing the great snippet.

  13. You know I’ve always been a huge fan of Jean’s, but I have to admit that I have a hard time picking between him and Rene. Rene is just so much fun and best of all, he’s uncomplicated. What you see is what you get with him.

    • I’d never thought about it, but that might be why I love Rene so much as well. He’s gonna just say what he thinks, no matter what. A refreshing change from the other schemers in DJ’s life!

  14. This is like asking which one of my dachshunds is my fav! Hmmm, Jean has to be #1 then Alex! Waiting for this book is killing me!

  15. Belle Chasse!!!! Wheeeeeee!!! When Alex isn’t being a butthead, I like him a lot.