Scene-Snippet, Sale Edition, and Weekly Winners

Happy Sunday! Today’s snippet is in honor of the big sale on a bunch of my books—the sale closes at the end of this week so it’s a great time to pick up some reads if you haven’t gotten them.

Here’s the list. Click on the book title to order.

  • The ebook of ROYAL STREET is $2.99 for both Kindle and Nook, as well as other devices.
  • The Kindle version of LOVELY, DARK, AND DEEP is 99 cents.
  • The entire PENTON LEGACY SERIES (Redemption, Absolution, Omega, Allegiance) is on sale for Kindle for $7.20 for all four books. The sale price is only valid if you haven’t previously bought any of the books.
  • The print edition of WILD MAN’S CURSE is on sale for $6.99 at Amazon. (It’s still regular price at B&N and other outlets.)
  • And of course THE CONSORT, first in a novella series about the Fae Hunters, goes on sale Friday, July 29, and is up for preorder for $1.99. If you previously purchased the DARK SECRETS anthology (no longer in print), this is the same story with slight updates to make it fit better with the events of BELLE CHASSE.

LovelyDarkAndDeepAnd here’s a snippet from LOVELY, DARK, AND DEEP, which is still one of my favorites, probably because the hero, Shane, and the heroine’s dog, Tank, were named after my dogs. Actually, the real Tank and his literary namesake are pretty much identical—LOL. He would totally bite this guy’s feet.

A shard of sunlight stabbed Shane in his right eye, jolting him awake. His lower back hurt like a sonofabitch and his legs seemed to be paralyzed. Or trapped beneath the cover of the foldout futon on which he’d tried to sleep.

Mostly, he’d stared out at the sky, thanks to all the waterfront windows with no curtains or shades, enjoying the most intense thunderstorm he’d seen all summer. With the little house so near the water and so small—he doubted there was a quarter-inch of insulation beneath that flat roof—it was almost like being out in the storm, except not as wet.

He’d finally drifted to sleep when the storm died down. At least he’d drifted off after indulging a few stray, irresponsible thoughts about the woman sleeping in an oversized t-shirt only a few feet away. Just his luck the first woman he’d been attracted to in forever had a curse on her head. Not to mention a stupid ancestor. What kind of guy would think he could tiptoe out of Europe with something belonging to one of God’s medieval holy warriors? A guy with more imagination than brains.

What the hell is up with my legs? Shane tried to roll onto his back and shift his legs, and they finally budged, followed by a growl. A low, menacing, evil, gonna-eat-your-balls-for-breakfast growl.

He propped up on his elbows and looked at where his feet would be if they hadn’t been covered by a light quilt and pinned by Tank the Hellhound and his mouthful of glistening white daggers.

“Uh, Gillian?” He wriggled his feet, hoping to make the beast uncomfortable enough that he’d move; instead, Tank snapped at Shane’s foot. If not for the quilt, he’d be minus a big toe.

Damn, but he didn’t want to start the day out having to ask for help with a stupid dog, for crying out loud. He was a former Marine, albeit a disgraced one, and besides that, he was doing Satan’s master a favor.

“Shoo,” he whispered to the dog, which responded with that lip-curling Elvis thing he did so well. “Scram. Get thee behind me.”

Tank rose on all fours, and Shane had to admit he was beaten. “Gillian!”

A rustle reached him from behind his head. “Wha? Huh?”

“Your dog is trying to eat me for breakfast.”

“Oh, that’s silly.” She yawned—at least he thought it was a yawn. He couldn’t turn to see her with his body pinned under a wooly mammoth.

“C’mon Tank, let’s go outside.” She shuffled toward the door, and Shane was treated to a hundred pounds of canine using his groin as a staging platform from which to dive toward the world outside.

Shane gritted his teeth and curled into a fetal position. He would not cry. He wanted to sob, but he was a better man than that. He forced himself to unbend and prop his hands behind his head. No pain here.

“What’s wrong wi—crap!”

The spot recently vacated by the satanic spawn now was treated to Gillian’s elbow as she tripped and landed on top of him. God help him, the woman was going to be the death of him before he even had a chance to dive and get himself killed in more manly pursuits.


Heh. And here’s the real Tank, of course. I miss both Shane and him terribly. Shane loved everybody. Tank was a nightmare with other people—the dog had a wide protective streak and a temper, except with me. With me, he was sweet and goofy. Others? Not so much.

Now…did you win a book this week? If you see your name please email me at or via the contact tab on this page. I’m almost caught up with prize mailings, so if you’re missing something, give it another few days and if you don’t have it, email me to check. Quite a few things were being sent out via Book Depository, so those will take a bit longer. Also, MELONIE—you won a Belle Chasse ARC last week. Let me know your info. If I haven’t heard anything by next Sunday, I’ll draw another name for the ARC!

SANDY G won the $10 Amazon gift card for sharing her worst-job ever. Thanks for everyone who played along. We’ve all had some truly suckalicious jobs (or at least suckalicious coworkers)!

CHAOTICKARMA23 won this week’s Reader’s Choice giveaway and chose Melissa Olson’s Nightshades. This is only available in digital format so let me know which format you need and what email to send it to. OR you can choose any other book up to $15 US or any of my books.

That’s it for today. Come by tomorrow for another Reader’s Choice giveaway.

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4 thoughts on “Scene-Snippet, Sale Edition, and Weekly Winners

  1. Thanks for the snippet, fun from the past. I still tear up a bit when thinking of the real Shane and Tank.

  2. I enjoyed Lovely, Dark and Deep very much. So nice of you to name your characters after your pets. What a great way to remember them! Have a good week!