Alpha, Beta….Theta? A Romantic Revolution with Gayle Parness (and #Giveaway)

Today, join me in welcoming author Gayle Parness, who’s here to talk about Playing with Passion, the first book in her Theta series. So, we know alphas and omegas…what’s a theta? Read on….

ABOUT GAYLE: Gayle Parness has led a bi-coastal life—growing up in Los Angeles, raising her daughters in NYC, then settling back into a sleepier northern California town where she writes her YA fantasy and adult paranormal romance stories full time with great enthusiasm. Gayle has spent most of her professional life working with community theatre companies as a costume designer, stage manager, production manager, and prop mistress. A musical theatre geek, Gayle tries to weave artistic elements into her paranormal stories of kickass heroines taking on alpha males and world-destroying villains. At the end of the day, she closes her laptop, puts on her fuzzy slippers and curls up with a yummy romance. You can find out more about Gayle’s YA and adult paranormal series and audiobooks or sign up for her newsletter at

gaylecoverABOUT THE BOOK: PLAYING WITH PASSION (THETA SERIES #1 … A slave to the archdemon known as the Director, Ingrid, a theta, has spent her life forced to use her incredible mind to project fantasies for alpha werewolves and master vampires. She’s determined to break free, then do her best to help other females forced to live under the thumb of the violent species that now rule New York City. Mack, the troupe’s production manager, has done his best to protect his troupe of thetas from the worst of the violence, but this sexy new leading lady is causing trouble, using too much power, running experiments with her magic and endangering them all. When Mack attempts to put a stop to Ingrid’s reckless behavior, Ingrid and Mack find they’re connected in a way neither one of them could have imagined, forcing Mack to finally listen to Ingrid’s plans for a life free from the Director’s tyranny. [You can find Playing with Passion by clicking here. It’s currently available for Kindle for $2.99.]

And now let’s hear from Gayle!

Hi Suzanne. Thanks so much for having me here on your awesome blog!

Playing with Passion is the first book in my two book sexy paranormal romance Theta Series. Book three will release in 2017. I love stories about kickass heroines who overcome incredible odds, and Playing with Passion and book two, Yielding to Pleasure, are just that. What’s more dangerous than an alien archdemon and a city full of rogue werewolves, vampires and sorcerers?

About the story: Ingrid is a theta, a member of a race of psychics born from human parents. Like all thetas she was taken from her home at a young age and trained to use her powers in an institute where children who don’t measure up are exterminated. She’s placed in the Hudson River Troupe and that’s where sparks start flying between herself and Mack, Ingrid’s very sexy, very aggravating production manager.

Also a theta, Mack spent his childhood in the same kind of institute as Ingrid, only he was gaylepictrained as a tech because his core powers were unusually strong. As soon as he and Ingrid meet, they’re butting heads. Ingrid wants her freedom and insists on carrying on experiments to prove that their minds can be used as weapons. Mack’s concerns are with the safety of the troupe and he constantly has to rein Ingrid in so no one gets injured. The confrontations and conflicts eventually turn to attraction and some very sexy encounters.

When the Director insists on putting Ingrid in a life threatening situation with an Alpha werewolf, Mack and Ingrid’s acting partner Gene step up to protect her. Nothing goes as planned but because of a surprising twist a revolution is born and the word goes out in the human and theta communities. Freedom is possible.

Thanks for stopping by! For a chance to win a free ebook copy of Playing with Passion and a $5.00 Amazon gift card, leave a comment below and tell me who your favorite kickass paranormal heroines are. I’ll pick one winner in a drawing. My vote goes to Kate Daniels in the Ilona Andrews books. She’s got a sword named Slayer and she knows how to use it.

Thanks, Gayle! Okay guys, how about it? Who’s your favorite kickass heroine? Today, my vote’s going to Bones’ favorite Kitten, Cat. I think DJ will be there by the end of Belle Chasse, when she’s really good and mad, but she still needs a little more seasoning! Leave a comment to win Gayle’s gift card, and mention “Black Diamond” at the end of your comment for another entry into my ARC giveaway.

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20 thoughts on “Alpha, Beta….Theta? A Romantic Revolution with Gayle Parness (and #Giveaway)

  1. It’s a tie between Mercy Thompson, Kate daniels and Cat ( a team of thema nd Dj would cause a huge havoc for sure^^)

  2. My vote goes to D.J.. She has a staff named Charlie, and she’s learning how to use it. Looking forward to Black Diamond.

  3. Definitely would include Kate Daniels, Anita Blake, Cat and Mercy Thompson in my list. Can’t wait for Black Diamond!

  4. Mercy Thompson is my choice. Are you counting the days to the release of Black Diamond?

  5. Rachel Morgan from The Hollows by Kim Harrison. Cat is a favorite as well. And Merit from the Chicagoland series by Chloe Neill. And Gin Blanco from Jennifer Estep. I just can never choose just one!

    Black Diamond!

  6. My favorite is Elena Michaels from Kelley Armstrong’s Women of the Otherworld series. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  7. My favorite paranormal heroines are DJ, Cat, Rachel Morgan, and Anita Blake. Looking forward to Black Diamond!