Downsizing: Farewell, TBR–How I Loved Thee (and Magical #Giveaways)

Read to the end to find out about the giveaways!

For those of you who’ve been with me awhile know, I have this out-of-control, monstrous TBR mountain range. “Pile” no longer applies, nor shelf, nor bookcase, nor room. They cover the shelves and the daybed in my office/art room. Stacked ten deep, they cover the top of my dresser, chest, cedar chest, and window seat in my bedroom. I have not read 99.9 percent of them since crossing over to the dark side and discovering the comfort, joy, and convenience of digital books. Yes, I’m one of THOSE people.  I still have my auto-buy authors, and my collections of books that I’ll always keep.

I just gave away the TBR range. All of them. I’m now in the process of hauling them downstairs about 25 at a time, which is all my bad back will allow.  It’s kind of sad to see them go. Most are ARCs or review copies from publishers that, given unlimited time, I would love to read and review. For a while, I was giving them away here on the blog, but I found myself unable to keep up with the mailing schedule, plus it’s as cheap to order giveaway copies as to mail them.

“Where are they going?” you might ask. “And how might I get some of them?”

Which is when it’s time for me to plug the Southern Magic chapter of Romance Writers of America and the group’s annual Readers’ Luncheon. This chapter is based in Birmingham, Alabama, about 100 miles away from me, but I consider it my “home” chapter, although Georgia Romance Writers is about the same distance and I’m a member of it as well.

Here are the basics of this year’s luncheon, and you can click here for more info.

Luncheon Post CardFun, eh? My TBR mountain range will be used to stuff the giveaway bags and put together door prize baskets. If this year is anything like previous years, almost every reader who attends will win a basket or door prize. Everyone gets a goodie bag of swag and books (like my TBR books). PLUS, I’m hosting a table and hate to eat alone, so if you can make it to Birmingham (Hoover is a suburb) on the 5th, you’ll have a blast and can sit at my table! Tickets this month are $30 per person (they go up after Aug. 31), which includes your meal and attendance at the big book-signing afterward. I’ll have copies of BLACK DIAMOND and am trying to see if I can get my hands on copies of BELLE CHASSE, even though that’s three days before release.

In the meantime, even if you can’t make it to the happenin’ city of Birmingham,  I hope you’ll follow along as the Southern Magic authors do a series of Q&As and giveaways on our chapter blog, located here, throughout the month of August. Today, my friend Carla Swafford is up, talking about the steeeee-my bad boys of her new Brothers of Mayhem series. My day is August 24….well, Susannah’s day is August 24. She’s rather bossy and pushed Suzanne out of the way. Her excerpt is not steeeeee-my at all. LOL.

And there you have it! Hop on over and show Carla some love


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5 thoughts on “Downsizing: Farewell, TBR–How I Loved Thee (and Magical #Giveaways)

  1. Good luck moving your TBR mountain without hurting your back! Wish I could attend your luncheon. Have fun!

  2. Oohhh. That sounds like an excellent luncheon! Trying to convince the hubby he wants to drive to Alabama for the weekend.