Weigh In: Swag, Giveaways, and Weekly Winners

Happy Sunday! In case you’ve been on a desert island, I have a couple of book releases and a book event coming up in a span of three weeks. That’s a challenging prospect.

Book launches involve a lot of coordination with blog tours, writing guest posts, coordinating giveaways, groveling for pre-orders, etc. Events involve making sure each person sitting at your table (in a luncheon or dinner environment, for example) has a gift bag, that you have an enticing-enough gift basket to serve as a door prize, that you have book inventory on hand to sell yourself (plus the means to take money or credit cards) or the right orders in with the event bookseller.


Since I spend fifty-plus hours a week at the day job, I’m trying to work as far ahead of time as possible. That’s where you come in. Today, I want to know about giveaways and swag. What do you find most valuable?

Here’s a short poll (only two questions). I really hope you’ll take the time to respond–your answers mattter!

Thank you!

Now…did you win a book this week? If you see your name, please email me at suzannej3523 at gmail, or using the contact tab on this page. I’m about three weeks behind, so be patient!

GALENA won the $15 gift card for commenting on my binge-TV post over at the Southern Magic blog.

JEN M won the ARC of BLACK DIAMOND in the secret Southern Magic blog giveaway.

MARY PRESTON won a copy of Casey Wyatt’s DEAD GIRLS DON’T CRY for commenting on her guest post (and congrats on your crafts business!). Let me know if you prefer print or digital.

SULLIVAN McPIG and MICHELLE each won an ARC of BELLE CHASSE for commenting on last Sunday’s post.

See you guys tomorrow with a new Readers Choice Giveaway!

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