5 Ways the Debates Resembled an Interspecies Council Meeting

Fighting catsThe meetings of the Interspecies Council in the Sentinels of New Orleans series (cue discreet plug for Nov. 8’s BELLE CHASSE) came to mind last night as I watched poor NBC newsman Lester Holt’s frustrated attempts at wrangling our two “presidential candidates” into sticking to the agreed-upon timeline and topics. Note: this is a non-partisan blog post because, remember, I think the best option might be moving to Nova Scotia.

Debates and IC meetings aren’t very different, I decided.

  1. Eye-rolling. Both candidates did quite a bit of eye-rolling, which brought to mind First Elder Geoffrey Hoffman’s performance at the first Interspecies Council meeting in PIRATE’S ALLEY. As I recall, he might have snorted as well, and I did hear some candidate-snorting last night.
  2. Outbursts. Trump and Clinton have nothing on Quince Randolph. Rand has yet to attend an Interspecies Council meeting where he hasn’t leapt to his feet with some grand pronouncement–like the fact that his Synod leader has been crushed beneath a twin-engine Cessna.
  3. Omissions. Rand also didn’t mention that it was he who dropped said Cessna onto his boss.
  4. Exaggeration. Remember when Rand and DJ insisted their marriage was one of mutual lust turned to true love? Uh huh. Remember when Zrakovi described his plan for Eugenie to be “for her own good and the good of all”? Uh huh.
  5. Fire. Well, okay, the auditorium at Hofstra didn’t burst into flames at the hands of an ill-tempered Prince of Faerie. But I think had it gone on much longer, Lester Holt’s head might have exploded into flames, so it counts.

All of which begs the question: if The Donald and The Hillary were on the Interspecies Council, what species would they be? I’m saying Fae for him and Elf for her. [No political flames here, however–this is an Interspecies Flame-free blog!]

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8 thoughts on “5 Ways the Debates Resembled an Interspecies Council Meeting

  1. I would agree with troll and elf. Lester Holt should have had Charlie there to keep the peace. Then we would have seen flames.

  2. I third Roger’s idea. Elf fits for Hillary but somehow troll just seems to fit trump better than fae! Lol!

  3. Hahaha—great comments, everyone! I totally agree with bridge troll for The Donald, and Hillary has ELF written all over her….I think I’m going to write a bridge troll into the next Sentinels book. LOL.