Giveaways, Giveaways and Poll Results

Okay, so where is the Reader’s Choice list for this week? Life and Labor Day did me in, I fear, so next Monday we’ll have a double-trouble Reader’s Choice and list of winners. Yesterday, instead of talking about leaving the day job, I actually was tasked with submitting my plans in writing. Egads. So I was up late into the evening figuring out how to convert unused sick leave into “time served” to figure out when my final day would be. I’m still not sure. I think the policy was written by the Congress of Elders (whose motto is “Obfuscate, Don’t Illuminate.”)

In the meantime, there is stuff.

SU-Fantasy-JohnsoneFirst, there’s another ginormous giveaway, this one sponsored by Storytellers Unlimited and Booksweeps. There’s a Kindle Fire and 35 fantasy novels (including ROYAL STREET) up for grabs. You can enter here. It’s a really easy entry, so why not? This runs through Sunday.

Next, my publisher friends at Tor Books are giving away 10 ARCs of BELLE CHASSE at Goodreads. I think this one is U.S. and Canada only (sorry), but you can enter here. This one runs through October 3.

And just for good measure, I will give away two ARCs of Black Diamond to a commenter today. If you had a pet alligator, what would you name it? Leave your answer below.

In the meantime, thanks to all of you who filled out my poll about giveaways and incentives last week–it will be very helpful to me as I plan launches for both BLACK DIAMOND and BELLE CHASSE. (I think I need a series of books that begin with B.)

In case you’re interested, here’s how the results tallied up:

So, preorders are always an important thing for an author as it indicates to a publisher how much interest there is in an author’s upcoming book. So the first question asked what incentives might convince a reader to enter a preorder giveaway. The results were:

  • One large giveaway (like a giftcard of $50 or more): 33%
  • A Kindle or ereader giveaway: 20%
  • Smaller gift cards to multiple winners: 18%
  • Author swag packs to multiple winners: 13%
  • 12% said they would not enter a preorder giveaway.

Those results didn’t surprise me much; as a reader myself, I’d prefer a “generic” gift like a gift card myself, so that I can use it on what I choose.

The other question had to do with what type of author swag is preferred. Lots of spread-out answers on this one, but they were:

  • Books: 24%
  • Small Amazon or Visa gift cards: 23%

Then there was a big dropoff to:

  • Tote bags: 13%
  • T-shirts with book covers or messages: 8%
  • Custom or handmade jewelry: 7%
  • Custom bookmarks: 7%

All other items received less than 5% interest.

And there you have it!

Don’t forget to Name That Alligator!


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27 thoughts on “Giveaways, Giveaways and Poll Results

  1. Might seem obvious and all, but I would name him Chomper. Then I would giggle every time I said his name. It’s the small things that make me happy.

  2. If I had a pet gator I would name him Clarence. Don’t know why, I just like the name. I’m assuming a male gator, but, really, do you want to actually check?

    • Clarence is a fine name…and, no, I wouldn’t actually want to check! I actually devoted some brain cells to figuring out how gators mate with those long tails in the way…and decided that was something I just really didn’t need to know. πŸ™‚

  3. Trying to come up with a name I now have the song ‘Sni Sna Snappie. Der kleine krokodil’ in my head…
    I’d name the alligator Mr. Bitey, or Scissors.

  4. Adipose Allie to remind me that although it is a pet, it could still take a pound or two! (Dr Who fan)

  5. I’d name him Louis, like the alligator who loved to play the saxophon from The Princess and the Frog. Loved the big guy.

  6. ….somehow i’m devasted by the result guess it’s not a good day for me
    gator name…. gnacgnac….for the sound he must make when chewing ( and i don’t think a lot of gator are named like that) sorry i like inspiration today

  7. Well, I’m sure that I would have a girl gator and I would probably just call her Allie the alligator. Probably not very original but that’s what popped into my head **LOL**. Thanks for the giveaway Suzanne!!!

  8. My first thought was something like “Snappy” but it didn’t feel right. Then, I thought “Socrates” and it felt right for some reason so that’s what I would go with,

  9. In reality, I’d probably just call him Gator. I don’t tend to be terribly creative with pet names!