Sentinels Meets Downton Abbey? (And Weekly Winners!)

downton2After binge-watching 12 seasons of “The Deadliest Catch,” where does one turn for binge TV watching? (Note: binge-watching for me consists of watching an episode of something I can stream on my Kindle Fire before I go to sleep.) For me, thanks to a friend who sort of tricked me into it, it ended up being the UK versions of all six seasons of “Downton Abbey.”

What a delicious show! Did any of you watch it? It made me want to go out and write a historical romance novel. Well, no. REally, it made me wonder what a Sentinels version might look like. After all, much of BELLE CHASSE takes place in 1814-era New Orleans and environs. (Okay, “Abbey” was set in the early 1900s, but still.)

I suppose Alex would have to be cast as the Earl of Grantham if DJ is to be the Countess. Jean would, of course, be the rogue earl who comes to visit on pretense of discussing business but ends up in the Countess’s bedroom. Rene would be a mischievous, misbehaving footman. Jake could be a neighboring earl who enjoys going on the hunt. Then, of course, DJ would scandalize everyone (I suppose Elder Zrakovi would be the Dowager Countess) by wearing slacks and using improper language. She’d be quite banned from polite society. Except, of course, there WAS no polite society in 1815 Barataria….Hm. I’m going to have to give this more thought, obviously. Ideas?

In the meantime, did you win a book this week? Sorry I was absent for much of it. It was a big, busy week at the day job, what with council meetings, upcoming board meetings, and year-end budget canoodling. It made me long for the days when ladies would never be allowed to work outside the home (or inside the home, for that matter). Writing novels under men’s names was quite acceptable, of course.

Email me at the contact on this page or at suzannej3523 if you see your name….

YET PENG won her choice of one of Jill Archer’s Noon Onyx series (book 1, 2 or 3). Let me know which book you’d prefer!

DONNA K won this week’s Reader’s Choice and selected Jennifer Ashley’s Guardian’s Mate.

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9 thoughts on “Sentinels Meets Downton Abbey? (And Weekly Winners!)

  1. How about a Sentinels prequel? DJ’S ancestors in 1900s London. Or even a time travel novella where say, Audrey and Rene get hit with a Faery spell that sends them back to the drawing rooms of 1900 society? Could be delicious. Cassandra Clare did a prequel series about her Shadowhunters that is stellar.

  2. I like prequels. Kim Harrison is writing “The Turn”, a prequel in her Hollows series. Due out in 2017. Looking forward to that one.

  3. I watched Downton Abbey just to see what Maggie Smith would say next…she cracked me up. Or maybe DJ would meet Mirren working in the castles old dungeons when she went exploring…oh my! lol