Black Diamond Tour Continues; Lafitte Visits eBay

Editorial matters:

You can enter for the BLACK DIAMOND tour giveaways today at READING REALITY, where there is a review of the book. Many thanks to those of you who’ve already read the book. If you have a chance, please leave a review on Amazon. In the grand scheme of things, they are more vital to a book’s success than Goodreads, although those reviews are certainly appreciated!

Thanks to the great reviews yesterday at Heroes and Heartbreakers; Library Journal; The Caffeinated Book Reviewer; Pearls Before a McPig; and Happy Tails and Tales. If you spot other reviews “in the wild,” let me know!

And now, I must turn things over to my friend, Captain Lafitte, who has become obsessed with eBay. He doesn’t qualify for PayPal, however, so I’ve had to put him on a budget.

Bonjour, my friends. Have you visited this eBay? I’m told it refers to San Francisco, where there is indeed a lovely bay, although I was never able to visit it during my human life.

But I was quite amazed at the amount of goods for sale, and have already begun discussing with Rene the possibility of bringing goods from the Beyond and placing them for sale on this eBay. 

jean1In the meantime, I was taken with this book, although Mademoiselle Susannah, or whatever name she is calling herself today, refused to purchase it for me, believing $30 to be excessive. How does one put a cost upon happiness, however, I must inquire. And my appearance is quite dapper.

jean2-coinFor a mere 50 cents, she agreed to purchase this coin honoring the “Great Men of Louisiana,” and if that list does not include Jean Lafitte, then how can the world be just? I quite enjoy being on a coin, although my hair appears rather odd, especially since Monsieur Andrew Jackson is being removed from American currency, as it should be so. 

jean3-magazineI found this “magazine” quite offensive in its portrayal of me. I should never wear such hair on my chin (it would attract insects), my eyes look quite insane, and why in the name of the Holy Mother and saints would I grip a bloody dagger between my teeth, although it is not clear that I possess teeth. My pistol looks quite nice, however.

papersMon Dieu, I must depart. There is a newspaper here in which most egregious lies are being told about myself and my men from our time in Galvezton. I must demand that reference me as a “notorious offender against the law” be retracted, tout de suite. Adieu–Lafitte

4 thoughts on “Black Diamond Tour Continues; Lafitte Visits eBay

  1. I think it is for the best that Rene and Jean not be allowed PayPal, it could be dangerous. But entertaining!

  2. Finished Black Diamond yesterday. 5 Stars from me. Susannah has given us a great addition to The Wilds of the Bayou series. Go get the book guys, you will not be disappointed. .

  3. oh if he stock his paypla account by selling some of his gold coin dear jean could get a lot of thing but since he is using someone else better gave him a TIGHT budget