I Say ‘Adieu’—He Says ‘Bonjour’ (I say ‘Uh-Oh’)

Today will be my last day to blog for a while, as Jean Lafitte will be taking over the daily blogging while I’m off taking care of the blog tour for BLACK DIAMOND, which starts tomorrow, and the one for BELLE CHASSE, which starts in early November.

I have no idea what he will have to say, but I have given him some rules. (Do I need to add that Captain Lafitte does not enjoy rules unless he makes them?)

  • He is not to discuss politics or religion, unless in a historical context in reference to his own human life.
  • He is not to solicit money, favors, or exchange of body fluids with any of my blog readers…even those who might appear to offer it willingly. He is quite unhappy about this rule, but it’s for everyone’s good. Believe me on this.
  • He must provide the URLs each day where you might enter for the tour giveaways. Each tour will have its own set of prizes: a $50 Amazon or Visa gift card and four $10 gift cards (equivalent to Book Depository for international entries). In the interest of transparency, I must admit that our illustrious guest blogger does not know what a URL is, so I will be providing them to him.
  • He does not have to blog on weekends, so I shall pop in on Sundays.
  • I am allowed to make parenthetical comments on his writing. He does not like this rule, either.

It all starts tomorrow, so fasten your seat belts! Jean will be taking on Reader’s Choice.


9 thoughts on “I Say ‘Adieu’—He Says ‘Bonjour’ (I say ‘Uh-Oh’)

  1. Jean probably had some friends in the Whig party, anti Andrew Jackson friends. Best he’s not to talk to us about politics. Looking forward to what he has to say. Will be great fun.

    • Yes, I told him it was ok to talk about Andrew Jackson, but that was about the extent of it!

    • That’s a pity! (About the free rum–LOL.) Jean came along long after Henry Morgan’s day, but wouldn’t it be interesting if there was like a reunion of historically undead pirates…hm….(wheels spinning)

  2. This sounds like a lot of fun. Since my hometown of Pensacola pops up occasionally in connection with Captain Lafitte, I’m looking forward to seeing if he mentions any visits here. 🙂