Sneak Preview Sunday and Weekly Winners x 2

Happy Sunday! Mostly, I’m happy it’s not Monday, although I do have to spend the afternoon concocting a Halloween costume for work. There might be photos; depends on how it turns out!

How about a sneak preview of the story behind the planned third book of the WILDS OF THE BAYOU series in honor of heading into the last third of the BLACK DIAMOND tour? Thanks so much to those of you who’ve bought a copy and who have left reviews on Amazon and Goodreads–particularly Amazon.

So, although the original plan was to have Mac Griffith be the hero of book three, I’ve decided to focus instead on the planned hero of book four, Paul Billiot. Paul is a member of the state-recognized United Houma Nation, which comprises 17,000 people in distinct tribal communities that originally were located in central Louisiana but the encroachment of European settlers eventually drove them into the far southern parishes, including Terrebonne Parish.

The community of Isle de Jean Charles, La.

The community of Isle de Jean Charles, La.

Paul’s particular community is the Isle de Jean Charles Band of Biloxi-Chitimacha-Choctaw tribe. Their lands on Isle de Jean Charles in south central Terrebonne is on the front line of coastal erosion, and they are soon to become the first U.S. environmental refugees, as the government, feeling it’s too expensive to extend the federal levee system to protect them from coastal erosion,  has offered to relocate them to other areas. Many understandably don’t want to leave the homes and what’s left of the land they’ve lived on for generations.

The only road in or out of Isle de Jean Charles, La.

The only road in or out of Isle de Jean Charles, La.

As a law enforcement officer, Senior Wildlife Agent Paul Billiot is right in the middle of this fight. On the one hand, he doesn’t want to see his childhood home abandoned, or the family and friends he still has in Isle de Jean Charles. On the other hand, he knows that land is disappearing, and every hurricane, every flood, cuts it off from the mainland and will eventually sink it altogether.

Into that emotional stew comes a young woman who’s leading a national protest to force the government to back off its plans and instead extend the levee system. She’s assertive and talkative and flamboyant and isn’t big on personal space issues.

Well, you can imagine how well that goes with the quiet, stern Paul Billiot!

Stay tuned and fingers crossed that WILD MAN’S CURSE (on sale for $1.99 for Kindle through tomorrow only) and BLACK DIAMOND do well enough that the publisher wants to continue the series!

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3 thoughts on “Sneak Preview Sunday and Weekly Winners x 2

  1. You can bet I’ve got my fingers crossed. I really want to see more books in the Wilds of the Bayou series. Great stories, great action, great suspense, just great.