Be Kind

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Now I’m going to be serious, so if you want a fun, chatty blog post, you might as well stop now. It has been a week where I’ve been on a tear about such things as the cost of home repairs and the inconvenience of jury duty and how I need a good night’s sleep–and then got knocked upside the head by news that took my breath away.

A few bad headaches, and a brilliant writer who’s been a colleague for more than 25 years is diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. With surgery and chemo, he might make it two years.

A car accident–a hit-and-run driver–and in the blink of an eye two childhood friends are fighting for their lives. He’s paralyzed; she’s in a coma and unresponsive.

And all I see around me is anger and hatred and bitching and moaning.

Life is short, and we’re all on this short-track train together. Let’s try to be kind.

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10 thoughts on “Be Kind

  1. i realy hope you will also see some good news around you it’s not always the most evident but can be the more powerful

    my prayers go to them and you

  2. So sorry to hear about your friends. Be kind is a good mantra for life. Enjoy your Thanksgiving with your mom.

  3. Oh my dear! I’m so sorry to hear about all your friends. I’m sending good thoughts and prayers to all, including you. We should all strive to be kind. Unfortunately, we don’t all succeed, especially after this last political season. I hope things turn around to the good for all. I’m sending you a hug!

    • Thanks, Susan! It was a hard, but effective, reminder of what’s really important–especially, as you say, after this political season…which seems to be ongoing.

  4. My prayers to all. My daughter was just commenting on how a silly family drama between two members was threatening to disrupt the in-laws Thanksgiving. As she said “Moma we have one aunt here fighting cancer for the third time and one cousin who lost her husband and 18 month old’s Dad to a drunk driver less than a year ago and this silly crap is going on. Do they not realize the wasted energy and how immature and selfish they are”. She of course is right! Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving and counting the many ways we are thankful for another year with our loved ones.