Broken Heroes and Other Worlds (and #Giveaways!)

Tomorrow is the last day to enter for the $100 in gift cards that I’m giving away as part of the BLACK DIAMOND tour; one $50 and five $10 cards. You can enter at each stop on the tour.

Today’s stops for Black Diamond are Books and Tales, where I’m talking about writing a very broken hero–that would be Cole Ryan in this book. He’s the most broken character i’ve written with the exception of Mirren Kincaid in the Penton books. Cole is certainly the most broken HUMAN character i’ve written! I’m also at CBY Book Club. You can enter for the tour prizes at both of these stops.

There is also $100 in gift card giveaways on the BELLE CHASSE tour, which has just begun, with one official stop today. I have a handy, fun little Jean Lafitte trivia quiz over at Book Crazy Scrapbook Mama–see how many answers you get right!

Finally, I’m over at the Writerspace blog, talking about why I think readers love urban and paranormal fantasy–and how American politics has shaped the Interspecies council.

Now, I’m off to figure out how to pay for a $10,000 repair to my piece-of-crap house. Ugh.

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