Nov. 13-19-New In Paranormal, Urban Fantasy and Fantasy–#Win Your Choice

It’s week two of the BELLE CHASSE blog tour, so remember to stop and enter at each spot for a chance to win one of six gift cards! Thanks to those of you who entered the BLACK DIAMOND giveaway. I should be contacting winners this week, as soon as I receive the list from the tour organizer.

Look for a review today at Rainy Day Ramblings, and a spotlight stop at Share My Destiny. Remember if you spot reviews in the wild, I always appreciate getting the links, and if you see someone who is reviewing and ARC and thinks this is the last book in the series, a comment to let them know there will be one more book would be appreciated—inaccurate information was printed on the back of the ARC. Reviews! Please leave reviews on both BELLE CHASSE and BLACK DIAMOND on Amazon—thanks if you already have done so.

In the meantime, it’s still Reader’s Choice day. So take a look at this week’s new releases and let me know which of these sounds most promising to you, and you could win it—or another book of your choice! It’s a pretty short list this week….

currieAn Empire Asunder (Scourwind Legacy #2) by Evan Currie

The coup that won traitor General Corian the Scourwind throne has been overturned, but his ongoing rebellion has left the empire divided. Lydia’s birthright regained, she adjusts to her role as empress at war, while Brennan begins training as an elite Cadreman soldier. With tensions rising between the empire and the Alliance, this momentary lull seems to portend a gathering storm…The royal twins aren’t the only ones sensing peace may not last. Searching for a vanished supply shipment vital to her own mission of vengeance against Corian, former Cadrewoman turned pirate Mira Delsol makes a shocking discovery about the theft. As both Mira and Brennan follow similar clues to the fate of the stolen supplies, their trajectories converge. Now Mira will embark on a perilous attempt to infiltrate the heart of the enemy camp, while Brennan’s path will also lead him across Alliance lines, and into a lethal confrontation with the Alliance air fleet. But will either of their efforts be enough to keep Corian from executing his plan to bring the empire to its knees once again?

johnsonDemons of the Flame Sea (Flame Seas #2) by Jean Johnson

Raised to understand and control advanced magics, the Fae Rii know they must be careful with the wild, abundant energies of their new desert homeland. They must also downplay the awe they inspire in the Bronze Age humans around them. Still, they have managed to create some equilibrium between the two factions, primitive versus advanced—at least, until new outworlders arrive, tipping the scales out of balance….Strict and power-hungry, the ruthless Efrijt take the phrase “deal with the devil” to a new level. A treaty may be possible; however, the solution proposed will in turn give birth to a new problem: A chaos that will dance its way through all three races trying to survive in the burning heat of the Flame Sea…

wellsExtreme Makeover by Dan Wells

The satirical new suspense about a health and beauty company that accidentally develops a hand lotion that can overwrite your DNA….Lyle Fontanelle is the chief scientist for NewYew, a health and beauty company experimenting with a new, anti-aging hand lotion. As more and more anomalies crop up in testing, Lyle realizes that the lotion’s formula has somehow gone horribly wrong. It is actively overwriting the DNA of anyone who uses it, turning them into physical clones of someone else. Lyle wants to destroy the formula, but NewYew thinks it might be the greatest beauty product ever designed–and the world’s governments think it’s the greatest weapon.

hauckFaithful (Birth of Saints #2) by Michelle Hauck

Colina Hermosa has burned to the ground. The Northern invaders continue their assault on the ciudades-estados. Terror has taken hold, and those that should be allies betray each other in hopes of their own survival. As the realities of this devastating and unprovoked war settles in, what can they do to fight back? On a mission of hope, an unlikely group sets out to find a teacher for Claire, and a new weapon to use against the Northerners and their swelling army. What they find instead is an old woman. But she’s not a random crone—she’s Claire’s grandmother. She’s also a Woman of the Song, and her music is both strong and horrible. And while Claire has already seen the power of her own Song, she is scared of her inability to control it, having seen how her magic has brought evil to the world, killing without reason or remorse. To preserve a life of honor and light, Ramiro and Claire will need to convince the old woman to teach them a way so that the power of the Song can be used for good. Otherwise, they’ll just be destroyers themselves, no better than the Northerners and their false god, Dal. With the annihilation their enemy has planned, though, they may not have a choice.

reynoldsLucifer (Vampires in America/Vampire Wars #11) by D.B. Reynolds

Lucifer Scuderi is a vampire—handsome and charismatic, a powerful hunter of unusual skill—who arrives in Montreal to take on the most important hunt of his life. Someone has kidnapped the mate of Canada’s ruling vampire lord, and it’s up to Lucifer to find him before his death sets off a crisis that could engulf the entire continent….Eleanor Morel lost everything—including the love of her life—when she became a vampire. But now, twenty years later, she’s a trusted bodyguard to the Canadian lord, Sophia, and the only person Sophia can count on to lead the search for her endangered mate. But what Eleanor doesn’t know is that the special hunter she’ll be working with is none other than her long-lost love. And he’s demanding answers….Lucifer’s love for Eleanor burns as hot as his anger towards her for leaving him. But they’ll have to find a way to set history aside and work together if they’re going to unravel the twisted betrayal that threatens not only Sophia and her mate, but the whole continent. Because the European vampires are on the move. And if Canada falls, the rest of North America could follow . . .

sterlingPirate Utopia, by Bruce Sterling

Whom are these bold rebels pillaging their European neighbors in the name of revolution? The Futurists! Utopian pirate warriors of the diminutive Regency of Carnaro, scourge of the Adriatic Sea. Mortal enemies of communists, capitalists, and even fascists (to whom they are not entirely unsympathetic)….The ambitious Soldier-Citizens of Carnaro are lead by a brilliant and passionate coterie of the perhaps insane. Lorenzo Secondari, World War I veteran, engineering genius, and leader of Croatian raiders. Frau Piffer, Syndicalist manufacturer of torpedos at a factory run by and for women. The Ace of Hearts, a dashing Milanese aristocrat, spymaster, and tactical savant. And the Prophet, a seductive warrior-poet who leads via free love and military ruthlessness….Fresh off of a worldwide demonstration of their might, can the Futurists engage the aid of sinister American traitors and establish world domination?

holmbergShadow Born (Shadow Accords #3) by D.K. Holmberg        

Carthenne Rel survived the Hjan attack on the A’ras and has left the north, the only place she ever really known. Now she travels to better understand what it means that she’s shadow born. …Stranded by storms in a dangerous port city, she’s captured while helping rescue a young girl from slavers. Discovering her mysterious captor’s agenda forces her to play his games in order to escape, only to realize she hasn’t finished with the Hjan. The lessons her captor has taught just might be the key to defeating them for good while protecting all of the north.

milesShadows of the Knight (Realm of Honor #5) by Michelle Miles

As the king’s health declines, Prince Andahar takes the throne but his rule faces war with the Fomorians, enemies who have carved a path of devastation throughout the realm. When the Fire Elven princess, a striking beauty, arrives in his kingdom with a plea for help, he knows he cannot refuse her. Nor can he resist her and vows to fight for her hand from any challengers no matter the cost….Princess Laerwen’s people are mercilessly massacred and facing annihilation, so she turns to the ones she blames—the Wood Elves. Upon meeting Andahar, she learns who the true enemy is and enlists his help to regain her realm and destroy the Fomorians once and for all. But undeniable passion ignites between them and she is powerless to resist. And one kiss will never sate her desire for the prince. Even though she battles her growing feelings, he has made it quite clear he would do anything to have her….When a twist of fate intervenes, Laerwen risks her heart for a seduction neither will forget and a love that will always endure.

foxThe Lethe Stone (Fae War Chronicles #4) by Jocelyn Fox

The great battle for the survival of the Fae is over…but the war is not yet won. Though they have defeated their greatest enemy, evil has slipped through the veil into the human world, and a cursed bone sorcerer wields his deadly power against helpless mortals….Tess O’Connor, the not-quite-mortal Bearer of the Iron Sword, must now strike a pact with the three Queens of Faeortalam to open a new Gate between the worlds. With a hand-picked band of warriors, she ventures back into the mortal world to search for a missing ulfdrengr, a Wild Court navigator, and a human who had fought alongside them at the Dark Keep, hoping to find them before the bone sorcerer. …In the Fae world, Queen Vell balances her alliance between the Seelie and Unseelie Courts. One of her Three has a vision of a bloody civil war, and she fights to hold back the tide of enmity between the Seelie and Unseelie while the Bearer is on her mission in another world. With their common enemy defeated, the High Queen must hold the tenuous peace between Queen Mab and Queen Titania or risk plunging Faeortalam into another deadly war that may be the end of them all.

vergeWild Highland Magic (Celtic Legends #3) by Lisa Ann Verge

She can read every mind . . . except his…Gifted with faery blood, Cairenn is blessed and cursed with the ability to read minds, until a naked, half-dead Highland warrior washes up on the shore of her remote island….Challenged by the wall between them, Cairenn nurses him back to life as she tries to pierce his thoughts without succumbing to his charm. For only a fool would fall in love with a man whose world she cannot inhabit, and whose heart she cannot know….

Now, what do you want to win this week? Leave a comment, and I’ll announce winners on Sunday!

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