Sex with a Wizard or an Elf? I’m on the Hot Seat

First off, the BLACK DIAMOND tour wraps up today, so it’s your last chance to enter at each stop for a chance at the $100 in gift cards (Amazon, Visa, or other vendor).  I’m at Roxanne’s Realm today, talking about how my romantic suspense differs from a lot that you’ll read in that genre. And there’s a review due up at Romantic Fanatic. You can enter for tour prizes both places.

Now…what’s this about sex with a wizard or an elf? Don’t forget–the BELLE CHASSE blog tour started this week as well (for another $100 in gift cards) and today I’m doing a really fun interview over at I Smell Sheep–and yes, I answered that question. There’s also a review up at Gizmos Reviews, and you can enter for prizes in both spots.

Finally, thanks so much to all of you who purchased and reviewed BLACK DIAMOND over at Amazon in particular. I hope those of you who’ve read it also will take the time to leave a review. Doesn’t have to be long–but anything with less than 25-50 reviews doesn’t get promoted and so far BC has one review. So stop by if you get a chance!

Thanks, and have a great weekend!

One thought on “Sex with a Wizard or an Elf? I’m on the Hot Seat

  1. When I think elf, my mind immediately goes to Santa’s elfs, which are really short, so I’m going to say wizard.