VOTE…Then Escape with Belle Chasse on Release Day!

Before I begin the shameless self-promotion, I got one word for you: VOTE. I won’t tell you who to vote for. Just do it. This one might be the most important in most of our lifetimes.

Now, for the really important stuff….BELLE CHASSE is officially out! Throw confetti! Hug an elf! Run from any faery you see because they’re all crazy! Kiss a pirate! And a merman! Throw some shade at any wizards over 40!

Belle Chasse Cover

Okay, so yeah, man-oh-man. That took 20 freakin’ months, right? Thanks to all of you who preordered–a HUGE thanks. Please take a moment to review on Amazon so they’ll promote it more. I apologize for the price. I have no control over it but have bitched a’plenty. Contrary to rumor, it is NOT the last book in the series. There will be one more in this story arc. After that? Well, we’ll see. It’s a big old prete world out there, I’ll be writing full time come April, and the pirate, he will grow restless.

Meanwhile, tour dates!

Don’t forget poor BLACK DIAMOND, which is wrapping up its tour this week, so there’s still time to enter for the tour prizes. Today, I am doing an interview over at Infinite House of Books, where I tell what I’d like people to get from my books, and there’s a spotlight at Fang-tastic Books. You can enter at both spots.

The BELLE CHASSE tour is in da house. If you missed it yesterday, there was an awesome review over at Reading Reality where you can enter for the tour prizes, and today’s spots to enter are my thoughts on the rise and fall and rise of urban fantasy over at Hart’s Romance Pulse (weigh in!) and a spotlight at The Silver Dagger Scriptorium.

Not sure what time it will go up but I’ll be sharing my five most magical spots in New Orleans over at today. Not sure if they’re doing a giveaway or not. A huge thanks to Kimba at The Caffeinated Book Reviewer for the review today. Also My Guilty Obsession. And Urban Fantasy Investigations.

There may be other giveaways and reviews that show up today, and I will be sure to put them in tomorrow’s blog post. Except for the spotlights, your comments are always welcome and appreciated! I can’t respond to comments on reviews but they’re still helpful, so thank you!

So…yay! Let’s party with DJ and the gang…and vote!


3 thoughts on “VOTE…Then Escape with Belle Chasse on Release Day!

  1. Belle Chasse is off to a great start. Wonderful for a great read. I hope everyone goes out and buys the book. Long live Urban Fantasy and The Sentinels of New Orleans.

  2. Read Belle Chasse again today and enjoyed even more the second time around. Posted a review at Amazon, but don’t’ know it if it is up. Just love Jean!