My February Muse

So, I had a week off the day job in February, which means I had a chance to try out a different type of daily schedule. One where I had time to write a reasonable amount AND read AND sleep AND do a little of my messy art. It was great fun and, except adding some cooking and cleaning time, is what I hope my life will resemble after I leave the day job at the end of the month (theoretically, since my replacement has not been hired).

So here are my (rank amateur) muse’s offerings in February, from least favorite to favorite…All are 11×14 or 14×11 and were done as part of the “Paint Your Heart and Soul 2017” workshop sponsored by artist Olga Furman.

Meh. Working with a lot of limited palettes this month, as you’ll see. This was primarily charcoal and graphite with a little watercolor and collaged butterflies.

Yeeah…I call her “Amazon” because she looks kinda badass and weird. BUT she was a breakthrough of sorts for me because the whole thing, except the white stars and the white lines in her hair, was done with soft (chalk) pastels. Which was, um, interesting.

Eh…nothing special here. Acrylic. “Hands is hard.”

Eh….drawing without a reference photo and working in a very limited palette.

So sue me. I like drips.

I like the roughness of this. Nothing but charcoal and black and white gesso. And a hint of wax pastel on the lips and cheeks.

My favorite for the month. I don’t think I’ve ever done a landscape before. This one’s all done with heavy body acrylics.

The way things are going, March’s muse is going to be kind of pathetic!




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9 thoughts on “My February Muse

  1. Love your art. Thanks for sharing with us. Favorite is the landscape [saw it on Facebook], next favorite is Amazon, think I’d call her Lucy [LOL].