Penton Update and Weekly Winners

Happy Sunday!

Hasn’t been much of a weekend around here since I had to work the day job yesterday (Saturday) and have to be there again at 7:30 a.m. tomorrow, but there’s at least time for a quick update before I do exciting, authorly things like laundry and trash collection for weekly pickup. LOL. I am my own minion.

My apologies (again) for the delay in finishing ILLUMINATION and getting it ready for release. Between the plague, the day job, and the increasing responsibilities in caring for the live-in senior adult, writing time has been minimal. Thankfully, the plague is almost gone, the day job will be gone (theoretically) in about 26 days, and….TIME! So here are the plans for ILLUMINATION:

–April 4. My newsletter will go out, giving subscribers the first peek at the new cover. My newsletter has changed hosts and I will be sending it out the first Monday of each month, or that’s the plan. As always, there will be giveaways and exclusive info there. If you haven’t signed up, use the tab at near the top of this page!

–April 5. I will have a COVER REVEAL here on the website and social media.

–May. ILLUMINATION will be released. I don’t yet know the day and don’t want to announce a day before I know I can meet it.

Now…did you win a book this week? (If I owe you a book, please be patient–I’m hoping to catch up this week.) If so, please email me using the contact tab on this page, and I’ll get you in my mailing queue!

MELLIANE won this week’s Reader’s Choice contest. Unfortunately, your choice–¬†Trickery (Curse of the Gods #1), by Jaymin Eve and Jane Washington — does not appear to be available via Book Depository, so pick any other book you’d like from BD up to USD$15 and I’ll get it on its way!

Stay tuned tomorrow for a new Reader’s Choice giveaway.

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