Mixed Media Wednesday, and Gladly the Cross-Eyed Bear

I’ve been doing my hobby art differently this year. For one thing, I’m sticking pretty much with one workshop (“Paint Your Heart and Soul 2017,” offered via a wonderful artist named Olga Furman) and my own ideas, working straight through one journal before moving to another. For another, I’m trying a lot of new techniques, which means things are pretty messy and unintentionally comical. You just gotta swing with it, right?

Anyway, I finished my first journal for 2017 a couple of days ago, so I thought I’d have an “art show” (remember, art is a VERY loose concept–lol). Some have appeared on the blog before and others haven’t.

Here’s the cover. The journal is 11×17 hardcover, with a plain brown cover. Admittedly, I didn’t spend more than three minutes on this. It’s just a stencil on acrylic paint.

Cityscape–Just having fun here. All the “buildings” are cut out of different scrapbooking papers and attached to an acrylic background.

“Dear Kitten: The human has broken her computer and cannot finish her novel. I fear we are all doomed.” I think those are pages from Royal Street behind the “kitten.”

Isn’t this the most hideous thing you’ve ever seen? I almost left it out but in the interest of transparency am including it. The whole point of it was to paint on top of glued down and wrinkled Saran Wrap and collage. A truly bizarre technique I doubt I will ever try again. I’m still traumatized.

A more typical piece for me, with collage and stamping and my word for the year.

Charcoal girl. I’ve never worked with charcoal before, but that’s all this is, black and white charcoal on toned paper. Letting go of graphite was scary!

Shireen Baratheon. So, in the Game of Thrones/Song of Ice and Fire saga, the daughter of wannabe king Stannis Baratheon, Shireen, is a little girl with “grayscale” scarring on one side of her face. Since I accidentally closed the journal before the page was dry and the little girl ended up with half her face peeled off, well….lemons/lemonade.

Bearly There. I’m not a big “spirit animal” type person, but if I had one it would probably be a bear. I’m kind of obsessed with them right now for some reason.

I know this one has run here before. It’s really the only landscape I’ve ever done but I’ll do more. This was a really cool technique with layers of acrylic…and more layers…and more layers.

Dandelion. I think Dandy was watercolor and acrylic. Practicing the difficult (for me) art of the profile.

Lolita. An experiment in monochrome. Charcoal plus black and white gesso, and nothing else (well, a tiny hint of pink at lip and cheek).

Stormy. Acrylic and ink and watercolor. Again, working with a limited palette for most of this.

Ugh. Almost tore this page out but trying to keep it real. Again, playing with a very limited palette of umber and gray. “Snakes and Ladders” was the song I was listening to ad nauseum as I worked on this.

Amazon Witch. I really don’t like this AT ALL. But it got saved instead of trashed because it’s the first thing I’ve ever done using pastels. Never again. Never ever ever ever. Probably.

What a sad painting. It was supposed to be what represents home to us, so of course I have a New Orleans shotgun house and an iron fence and this strange girl who looks alarmingly like my late aunt Grace when she was young.

Bird of Paradise. Experimenting here with some acrylic paint pens sent to me by a dear friend :-). “The birds of paradise came to me yesterday, laughed when they told me my fate. We’d be cold, we’d be tired, but we could breathe.” (From the song by Basia Bulat.)

 “Gladly the Cross-Eyed Bear.” See, I TOLD you I was obsessed with bears. I rather liked ole Gladly.

Paleo Girl.. So, I was in the process of putting a torch in her hands and realized the partially painted one looked like a chicken leg, which amused me so much I couldn’t bring myself to turn it into a torch. So my spirit girl became a Paleo Girl.

And that’s it for 2017, Book One. Have a happy, arty Wednesday!

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  1. Really enjoy your art and learning more about mixed media such as using scrapbook paper for the buildings in your Cityscape.