Rising from the Ashes (and Weekly Winner)

I’ve spent the past five days doing something unheard of for me–following doctor’s orders. More unplugged than plugged in. Sleeping a lot. Being quiet. Not running around. Funny thing happens when you work 14-16 hours a day, seven days a week, for four or five years in a row, plus stress, plus poor diet, plus never more than 4-5 hours sleep. Eventually, your body says: STOP IT.

So after four months with strep, a sinus infection, and three bouts of bronchitis–the current one the worst yet, i got loaded up with steroids and inhalers and doctor’s orders…and am almost back to feeling normal. I’m not quite there yet, but I’m at least sitting upright and haven’t coughed for at least a half hour. This is good, right?

The consequences? Well, the world didn’t end, but neither has ILLUMINATION. So it’s going to be out in June instead of May. I’m sure I owe several of you some books. I’ve almost finished book five of the Song of Ice and Fire series (damn you, GRRM, where is book six already?).

In the meantime, we have a winner for last week’s Reader’s Choice giveaway, which I did manage to post before my Tuesday collapse. NATALIE BOOKLOVERSLIFE won Within the Sanctuary of Wings, or her choice of another book at USD$15 or less–email me at suzannej3523@gmail.com or the contact tab on this page to let me know what you want, format, address, etc.

I’m off to vegetate some more now. Back tomorrow with a new Reader’s Choice!

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3 thoughts on “Rising from the Ashes (and Weekly Winner)

  1. Rest! Great stuff. You gotta feel better so you can get that ice bag off your head. And finish Illumination for us soon.

  2. So glad you finally have the time to take care of yourself. The body has a tremendous capacity to heal itself if only you give it the time. We can handle having to wait for Illumination.

  3. So glad that your body is starting to mend after such a heavy load of work and stress for so long.