Sentinels of New Orleans: Past, Present, Future

So….Sentinels of New Orleans fans. Here’s what’s up with DJ, Jean Lafitte, Alex and the gang….

It took six months and an ultimatum, but I have finally received word that my publisher does not want to publish the final book in the series. What does that mean for you as readers and for me as an author?

First, don’t worry—there WILL be at least one more book in the series. It will be the last in the current story arc, but now that I control the series, the door is open to, say, also making the book a spinoff start of a new SENTINEL WARS series so that new readers can come in without having read the previous books. Or, more likely, the book will simply end the current series and leave open the possibility of a new series set in the vast Sentinels multiverse. (I suspect Jean Lafitte still has some life left in him!)

Another plus: timing. Instead of two (or three) years between books, I can publish the new book, tentatively titled FRENCHMAN STREET, as early as November. I’m shooting for early next spring for a release date rather than put it out right before the holidays.

Negatives? Well, the cover won’t match the rest of the series, since the model who portrayed DJ on all the covers came from a photo shoot to which I will not have access. I have confidence that a good cover designer and I can find a solution, however.

Another big question mark is format. If you’ve followed the series in print, you know that it has been a royal mess, so to speak. The publisher released ROYAL STREET only in trade paperback. RIVER ROAD and ELYSIAN FIELDS came out both in hardcover and trade paperback. PIRATE’S ALLEY and BELLE CHASSE came out only in hardcover. For those of us (i.e., everyone) who like to have our series in a matching set, that has been a nightmare over which I had no control. I still have no control over how the first five books came out, but am pretty sure that FRENCHMAN will come out in trade paperback rather than hardcover because of the cost. I am still exploring my options on that, however. If you have a preference, let me know in the comments. It might be that I can have a limited number of hardcover copies available signed from my website.

Thoughts? Preferences? Ideas? My prolonged illness this winter has slowed everything down, and ILLUMINATION is at the top of my priority list. But Sentinels will not be far behind.

Sound off here! I’m really interested in hearing where you’d like to see Sentinels to go next, or if it’s time to put it to bed.

16 thoughts on “Sentinels of New Orleans: Past, Present, Future

  1. I still prefer a printed version of a book. I have a Kindle and many e-books on it. I have hardbacks, trade paperbacks, paperbacks, in all sizes which means the bookcase looks a mess. I prefer hardbacks from my top 10 favorite authors and definitely would buy them when available. A spin-off series sounds great. I do wonder who gets to go to it. I have been a fan of the Sentinels of New Orleans for a long time and hunger for any story with the format not an issue. The important part is more stories in the Sentinels world.

  2. Congratulations on regaining control of your series. I love your Sentinels of New Orleans and look forward to another book in the series. A new Sentinels War series sounds intriguing. Hopefully you will also bring back some of our favorite characters. I definitely prefer print books, either hardcover or trade paperback. With your artistic background I am sure you will design an amazing new cover. Wishing you great success on this exciting new adventure!

  3. So happy that the Senitnels will continue. Definitely would enjoy a spin off series. I’d like to know more about some of the characters from The Consort. I buy most of my books in electronic version, but if I buy print, I almost never by hardcover, so trade paperback is my preference. Have fun with the new opportunity!

  4. print books is a must for me but trade paperback sound better ( even if i wouldn’t mind an hardback) and as long as we get more in this universe i’m happy
    for now take care of yourself!

  5. Oh that’s so sad to hear this news about the publisher but I’m happy you’ll be able to share more books! I confess I prefer print books but I don’t have a preference of the format, it’s already a lot to know we can have it!

  6. I’m glad to have news of the last book! And if there’s a spinoff series, I’ll read it. 🙂

    However, format wise, please remember that not all of us have or use Kindles– some of us use other eReaders, and it would be nice if your books were available in formats other than just Kindle. I myself use a Nook (from Barnes and Noble), and that’s how I’ve read the other books in the series, so it’s how I’d want to read the fifth. I know that in the past your self-published titles have only been available electronically for Kindle.

    • Thanks, Sarah. I will make any future Sentinels-related books available across all devices. The Susannah Sandlin books have been published by Montlake Romance. It’s my understanding that B&Nrefuses to sell those for Nook because Montlake’s parent company is Amazon. That doesn’t impact Sentinels, though.

  7. I would paint a cover similar to the others with a similar woman. Publishers must be fools!
    Also, you could go with E-Book pub only.

  8. I honestly don’t care what format it comes in and long as it comes! I just started the series after finding the first in my TBR pile (which is a very large pile) and I’m hooked, so I’ll take it anyway I can get it.

    Also, if you can get it out before the holidays that would be much better for you since you don’t have to worry about it over the holidays. — she suggests only slightly selfishly.

  9. Frankly, most of the series in my library don’t match up so anyway it comes out will be just fine. Frankly, it is the story that matters most! Thanks and keep writing!

  10. I usually prefer TPB to hardcover (because then I have more room on my shelves) but I’d be happy with whatever is easiest for you to publish 🙂

  11. O.o I just saw this. Oh my! Well, I’m so thankful that you are willing to take control and finish the series. THANK YOU!

    My thoughts… while I like my books in similar formats, I just want a book above all else. With this series, I own them all in Kindle format, so I’m okay with an e-book format only. I think you should do what is economically feasible and best for you. Maybe offer in ebook only, but do a print-on-demand if you get so many preorders by a certain date?

    As for spinoffs… I look forward to it. I’d LOVE more Fae Hunter books, tho!

  12. It’s sad that your publisher passed on the last book (their loss!), but I’m also very happy for you that you’ve regained control of your series. It has to be said that some of the pauses between books were very hefty.

    I have the whole series in digital format, but in all honesty I just want to be able to finish DJ’s story. I’m grateful that you intend to publish the last book still. Now I just have to be patient for a while longer…

  13. Sentinels is one of my favorite series, please don’t kill it! Paper book, ebook, whatever, I will read it in any format. Additionally… I’m afraid your publisher is an idiot.

  14. Thanks to all of you for the support and the input. Sentinels will definitely go on, most likely in trade paperback and digital. I’m shooting for March 2018 for FRENCHMAN STREET!