Hold Me Closer, Tiny Houses

What do you guys think about the “tiny house” craze? Some friends and I, all single and of an, ahem, certain age, have talked about buying some land and setting up tiny houses on it in our own tiny house retirement commune. You know, like a trailer park except smaller than a trailer. And instead of pooling our resources to live together under one roof, we’d each have our own private space to which we could retreat.

Most of these houses are in the 500-800-square-foot range, and if you’ve ever gotten dragged into a tiny house marathon on HGTV, you know they make ingenious use of space. Still, I look around my 1,750-square-foot house, which is crammed to the rafters with books, fabric, art supplies, clothes, books, computer stuff, and books…and more books…and I think we’d also have to have a separate tiny house office. And a separate tiny house library. And a separate tiny house art studio. Perhaps a tiny house entertainment center for marathon viewings of GAME OF THRONES and DEADLIEST CATCH.

And, yeah, I don’t think I could do it. Something about downsizing that much seems liberating. I mean, I’m an incredibly messy person. How much of a mess could I make in 600 square feet? Probably a lot, but it wouldn’t take as long to clean.

How about you? Does any part of tiny house living appeal to you?

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13 thoughts on “Hold Me Closer, Tiny Houses

  1. LOL. I see that books are going to be a BIG barrier to tiny house living…unless the books had their own tiny house. Or two. Or three. 🙂

  2. All my stuff wouldn’t fit. Maybe you should pool the money and buy a castle with lots of rooms. Count me in!

  3. Even if I needed no clothes, never had to cook, had no toys for grand-babies, no bed to sleep in, I could never fit my unread books (don’t even want to think about the read ones) in a tiny house. I’m with Suzanne, pool your money and buy a castle. I’m not even sure I’d survive a weekend in a tiny house.

  4. I definitely could not fit all my books in a tiny house. And where would I put my husband!!!

  5. I adore watching those shows although I don’t know if I’d be able to live in one. Our house right now is only 1100 sq. ft, but we also have a big, unfinished storage area as well as a garage filled to the brim with tools so I think we’d have trouble downsizing.

    My dad has lived full-time in a 30 ft. RV (about 240 sq. ft). for the last 15 yrs so I know it can be done.

  6. Yes, I think this is not a good housing trend for booklovers! Although I’m liking Suzanne’s (aka Northern Suz’s) suggestion for purchasing a castle. A castle filled with books would be hard to beat.

  7. I would have great trouble decreasing the amount of stuff that I own, though in truth I may not “need” it. Am currently going through downsizing. My husband and I are moving to a different state in order to care for my mother-in-law.

  8. I don’t think my “stuff” would fit in a tiny house, though I’d love one for a getaway space. Plus, it seems that most are not up to building code. Like the one where the father & his daughter had to use a folding ladder to get up into their attic bedrooms. No windows, no escape from a fire below. I think, due to the square footage, most don’t have to adhere to building code, but still…

    • Hm…that’s an interesting point. Since most of them are so small and are “portable” and can be pulled by a truck, I guess they don’t have to adhere to building codes. If I had one, it would NOT involve me climbing into a “loft” to sleep in a spot that’s so near the “roof” you couldn’t even sit up. I’d get SO claustrophobic!

  9. I could never live in a tiny house. I don’t need a mansion, but good grief! Between my books (OMG all the books) and my yarn, and my husband’s guitars and art supplies, it would never work. We have over 100 sq feet now and it’s too small. Maybe someday my cats can live in a tiny house though…