Last Sentences Sunday and Weekly Winner

Happy Sunday! I live in a college town (meaning more than half of the town’s 50k residents are age 22 and under!) and it’s commencement weekend. There are WAY too many people milling around out there. So there’s an advantage to being on FREAKING WEEK 20 of bronchitis. I don’t have to go anywhere.

Instead of a snippet, I thought I’d go for the last few sentences I’ve written. My apologies for the delays in Penton #5, ILLUMINATION, as illness has slowed writing to a crawl. And next week, I go back to the former day job on a part-time, temporary basis to get a magazine out because my replacement still hasn’t been hired. Oy.

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Now. Sentences. These are from ILLUMINATION (Penton Legacy #5), coming in June:

I will give you no context except who’s speaking, for fear of spoilers. This is from the heroine Shay’s point of view, and also features hero Nik and Nik’s sister Ana. There’s been a spot of trouble in New Orleans

“Ana, how are you doing with those keys?” Nik’s voice didn’t give a hint that he stood in front of a half-blinded, giant vampire holding a blade.

“Just found mine,” Ana said.

A click sounded from Shay’s right as the lock disengaged. “Hand me the keys but keep your door closed just in case this goes badly,” Shay whispered. “We don’t want any new vamps to know we’re free yet.”

“What about the other girls?” Ana’s whisper was so soft Shay could barely make out the words.

“We’ll let them out as soon as we know it’s safe.”

At the moment, Nik had the giant’s sword in his hands and the gun tucked in the top of his pants, but the giant had climbed back to his feet and circled the shorter man, cocking his head as if guiding his movements by sound. They circled until Ana’s brother faced Shay. He was fierce and beautiful, even with hatred hardening his eyes and his hands gripped around the hilt of that blood-covered sword.


So…did you win a book this week?

Congratulations to JESS, who won this week’s Reader’s Choice. She chose DATING THE UNDEAD–or can choose another book of her choice up to USD$15 in print or digital. Contact me at suzannej3523 at gmail, or via the contact tab on this page and let me know. I’m hoping to catch up with prizes this week.


See you tomorrow for a new Reader’s Choice giveaway!

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  1. Shay’s Sunday’s sentences sure seam serious. Sensational, seriously!