Trivia Tuesday–Your Brain on Cheese

So, a recent study by some nebulous group claims that cheese is as addictive as drugs. I must confess to having a weakness for this particular addictive substance. Do you?

Here’s how it works. Cheese contains casein, the type of protein found in “mammallian milk products,” most concentrated in cheese. Casein, in turn, activates the same brain triggers as much-abused opiates such as hydro/oxycodone and the ilk. (It does not treat pain, however…otherwise, granny could down a pound of sharp cheddar to knock out that arthritis, eh?).

My mom is the only person on God’s green earth I have ever met who dislikes cheese, which makes me wonder if I was adopted. Because I like me some cheese. The only kind of cheese I somewhat dislike is Swiss, but I’ll even eat that in a pinch. And I’m telling you….put feta or goat cheese on just about anything and I’m there.

Feta is my favorite cheese, and my current obsession is the spicy shrimp pizza from Newk’s Eatery with feta and goat cheese added, minus the red bell peppers (which have decided they do not like me despite my fondness for them).

How about you–what’s your favorite cheese or cheese dish? Or are you, like my mom, immune to the addictive properties of the mammalian milk product?

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25 thoughts on “Trivia Tuesday–Your Brain on Cheese

  1. Mozzarella , Sharp Cheddar, Havarti, and Baby Swiss seem to be my favorites these days.

  2. I’m with your mom. I’ll eat American cheese on a grilled cheese sandwich, but that is it. Don’t put cheese on anything else! I’ve never eaten pizza, because of my dislike of cheese.

  3. oh a common point with your mom i hate cheese, can’t eat anything with it but you will be happy here we have hundred of different kind^^

  4. I have a weakness for cheese. My husband introduced me to a type called Vacherin Mont D’Or. It is a meltingly soft cheese contained in what looks like a largish camembert type of box. The cheese has a white mold/fuzz on top and is allowed to be kept at room temp for part of a day to really ripen. Then it is served with boiled potatoes, cornichon (really tart small-sized pickles), and paprika, black pepper, or chili flakes. The spices are sprinkled on a portion of the diner’s plate. You cut a small bite of potato, scoop a bit of the meltingly soft cheese on it and dip an edge of the food on your fork into one of the spice powders/flake. It is wonderfully savory and rich. Small nibbles of the cornichon are a welcomed sharp counterpoint throughout the meal. Add a crisp day, a roaring fire, and the wine of your choice to share with someone you love. Tough to beat.

  5. I make my grilled cheese sandwiches with Mozzarella. I love bruschetta with goat cheese.

  6. There’s a reason the Dutch are called cheese-heads by people from neighboring countries :-p So yes: I LOVE cheese! I myself have a taste for strong tasting, smelly cheeses and things like blue cheese soaked in Port.

  7. I’ll have mozzarella or provolone once in a while. Mostly if I have a slice of pizza or a sub but I don’t really like cheese that much. My local pizzaria makes me a cheesesteak with extra hot peppers instead of cheese.

  8. I love cheese! The only one I don’t adore is blue cheese, that said my husband does so even that can be found in our house. For straight snacking, I love bree on crackers with dried fruit. For melting on bread for a sandwich munster or gouda, though provolone and cheddar works. I could go on but I am getting hungry. I think I will go make a cheese sandwich.

    • Blue cheese, based on our highly unscientific comments, is the most divisive. I didn’t like it when I was younger–it’s an acquired taste, I think. I’m also a big Muenster fan, so glad to see that on your list. And yeah, I’ve been craving cheese all day!

  9. I love most cheeses. My favorites are Munster, cheddar and pepper jack. I can’t stand blue cheese!

  10. I enjoy cheese and I do find it addictive. Pepper jack, cheddar, mozzarella, feta, and blue cheese are my favorites.

  11. OMG! I can eat cheese on anything. Blue cheese dressing on salads, grilled cheese sandwiches, mac and cheese, but cheese is great just all by its self. My favorite is just cubes of smoked gouda with triscuits and a big glass of wine in one hand and a book in the other. Ahh! Nirvana!

  12. I eat cheese, but I’m not its biggest fan. I’ll usually only take a slice or two during the cheese course (French restaurants have a separate course just for cheese) while my family members will work on devouring whole cheeses. I tend to prefer tomme, especially goat cheese tomme.

    I do, however, adore a particular Spanish tapas where you stuff some soft goat cheese in a date, wrap it in thin European-style bacon, and fry it up.

    And I sure do love me some tartiflette, a Savoyard dish made using a fabulously smelly cheese called reblochon (though it has to be artisanal; the mass-produced ones just don’t have the same taste). Mmmm…

  13. Mmmmmm, cheese… my faves are havarti, brie, gouda, and cheddar – and any kind of fondue, and anything spreadable… I don’t think I ever met a cheese I didn’t like. And I adore cream cheese and cheesecakes. (Sadly, I have not eaten much cheese since I discovered I was severely lactose-intolerant about a decade ago. But the love will live forever.)