Scene-Snippet Sunday, Penton Edition, and Weekly Winner

Happy Sunday! I find now that I’m a “full-time writer,” so to speak, and working from home, that I have trouble keeping up with what day it is. Anyone else have that problem? I’m also wondering how I ever found time for a day job. LOL.

If it’s Sunday, that means time for a scene-snippet! Not long now until the July 11 release of ILLUMINATION, so that’s where our snippets are coming from.

In this scene, plans are being made for an attack on what’s left of the Tribunal and their evil meister, Frank Greisser.

Mirren stood and paced, spearing Will with a hard look void of pity. “You and Gadget and Cage can hold down Penton, Junior. We have enough people for me to put together a good team to go after Frank Greisser, especially if we can keep the element of surprise. Randa’s a good fighter, and Nik knows how to fight and strategize. Don’t sell the shifters short, either—Robin and Archer have some skills that really expand what we can do as vampires.”

Aidan studied him, surprised that he’d accepted the shifters so readily. “So does Glory.” Her telekinetic skills had gotten them out of some major jams.

Mirren stiffened and ground his jaw, then sighed. “Yes, and so does Glory.”

Poor Mirren. He sure wants to keep Glory at home and safe and the woman just won’t cooperate.

Now, did you win a book this week? (Yes, I owe several to you guys.)

ROGER won this week’s book, and selected Magic Burn by Catherine Vale–or another book of his choice up to $15USD. Just let me know.

See you guys tomorrow for the weekly Reader’s Choice!


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6 thoughts on “Scene-Snippet Sunday, Penton Edition, and Weekly Winner

  1. Oh yes, knowing what day of the week it is seems to be a problem. You get used to it. I write it down on my daily to do list and check my phone a lot to see what day it is. I think it’s because it does not matter so we forget. Welcome to retirement, as Tony would say, IT’S GREAT. Thanks for the Snippet. And the book.

  2. Thanks, guys! LOL, Roger, I guess you’re right. It doesn’t really matter. Weekends are just days instead of escapes. It’s pretty darn wonderful, I must say. People keep asking me if I miss the day job and seem surprised when I say, not in the least!

    And July 11 is coming up fast! Hope to have the book up for preorder soon 🙂

  3. Congrats Roger!!

    When i have a day off during the week i tend to forget what day it is after as i went to ” sunday mode”^^;;

  4. Isn’t it wonderful when it doesn’t matter what day of the week it is!!! Thanks for sharing the great snippet. I’m looking forward to the July release of Illumination.