Free Penton Legacy Read! ILLUMINATION, Prologue and Chapter 1

If you’re a newsletter subscriber, you got a sneak peek at Chapter 1 last week. Today, if you click on the “Events” tab above, you’ll be able to read both the prologue and the first chapter. Of course, if you’ve preordered the Kindle edition, you will automatically get it on Tuesday–should be there by the time you wake up! If you’ve ordered the print edition,  you might already have it–I couldn’t figure out how to put it on preorder, so it went live almost immediately! To preorder, see the link below.

If your an Audible listener, I’m in the process of auditioning readers. Once that’s done, I’m not sure how long it will take to produce, but I’ll keep you updated here.

Not up to date with Penton? Well, here are a few deals to get you that way. All the Penton and Penton-related titles except for ILLUMINATION are on sale for 99 cents for Kindle for a limited time. You can find them (in reading order) here–click to order:

REDEMPTION (Penton Legacy Book 1)

ABSOLUTION (Penton Legacy Book 2)

OMEGA (Penton Legacy Book 3)

STORM FORCE (Penton spinoff standalone, Omega Force Book 1)

ALLEGIANCE (Penton Legacy Book 4)

and for $4.99

ILLUMINATION (Penton Legacy Book 5)

FINALLY, beginning tomorrow, I will be doing a two-week blog tour for ILLUMINATION, with a chance to enter for tour prizes at each tour stop. AND, if you’re a newsletter subscriber, there’s a special subscriber-only promotion that will arrive in your mailboxes on Tuesday.

In the meantime, happy reading, and REMEMBER. Please please please leave a review on Amazon once you’ve had a chance to read the book. Lack of reviews, and not just too many negative reviews, iis one reason series get canceled. I know they’re a lot of trouble, but they DO matter.

See you tomorrow with a new Reader’s Choice giveaway!

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