New Things Afoot…Soon

Happy Thursday (or Wednesday or Friday, depending on where you are)–

I’m putting this blog on hiatus until January, when I’ll relaunch it in a new guise. New design. New focus (no worries, still books, but also other stuff). New energy, I hope.

In the meantime, if we aren’t Facebook friends, hop on over to MY PERSONAL FB PAGE if you’d like to friend me for silly day-to-day stuff, or to MY FB AUTHOR PAGE just to follow and keep up with updates (and more silly stuff). Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter using the tab on this page to keep up with news, and I will be posting here when the new collection of Sentinels shorts releases in (I hope) early December.

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner–with Jean Lafitte?

I have some winners to announce belatedly, and a sorta-new project to float past you.

First, congrats to Jeannie Andries, who won a $10 Amazon gift card for commenting on the “Plotting Your Health” post.

And congrats to Miki who won a copy of the new Jennifer Estep book, Kill the Queen.

I’ll be contacting both of you for mailing info.

In bad news, my fall schedule has flipped on me a bit, and the third Bayou book has been postponed until spring–sorry, Paul!

BUT I am putting together another collection of stories set in the Sentinels of New Orleans world, which will include the story JACKSON SQUARE, updated so that it falls after Frenchman Street. Other stories that have appeared on my or other blogs over the years (but that were not included in PIRATESHIP DOWN) will be included. I hope to have it out in early December, so stay tuned!