Hey Authors! Have Red Pen, Will Travel…Virtually. Copy editor for hire.

So now that I’m officially off the day job (again) (for now at least), I have applied to and been accepted as a professional member of Reedsy.com, which is a clearinghouse for indie authors (or any author, really) to find services from vetted professionals in all areas of publishing, from writing queries to developmental story editing to my own “specialty,” copy editing.

If you’re an author, go to the site, pick out what you’re looking for, describe what you need, and choose¬†up to three professional members to “bid” on your job. Pick the lowest price, the best fit, or (one would hope) both.

Check it out if you’re in the market. You can find my profile at this link, and scroll down to see some of the books for which I have served as copy editor.

I hope you have a great long weekend if you’re here in the US and looking forward to Memorial Day on Monday or a happy holiday for¬†those of you marking Ascension Day today.

Hold Me Closer, Tiny Houses

What do you guys think about the “tiny house” craze? Some friends and I, all single and of an, ahem, certain age, have talked about buying some land and setting up tiny houses on it in our own tiny house retirement commune. You know, like a trailer park except smaller than a trailer. And instead of pooling our resources to live together under one roof, we’d each have our own private space to which we could retreat.

Most of these houses are in the 500-800-square-foot range, and if you’ve ever gotten dragged into a tiny house marathon on HGTV, you know they make ingenious use of space. Still, I look around my 1,750-square-foot house, which is crammed to the rafters with books, fabric, art supplies, clothes, books, computer stuff, and books…and more books…and I think we’d also have to have a separate tiny house office. And a separate tiny house library. And a separate tiny house art studio. Perhaps a tiny house entertainment center for marathon viewings of GAME OF THRONES and DEADLIEST CATCH.

And, yeah, I don’t think I could do it. Something about downsizing that much seems liberating. I mean, I’m an incredibly messy person. How much of a mess could I make in 600 square feet? Probably a lot, but it wouldn’t take as long to clean.

How about you? Does any part of tiny house living appeal to you?